Footwear Buying Guides

Footwear Buying Guides

Buying walkings boots, shoes or hunting boots over the internet can be difficult and costly. You may think to yourself, ‘will this style of walking boot fit my awkward feet’?, or ‘is this style of boot suitable for shooting and hunting?’. Or you may need advice and guidance on how to best clean and waterproof a pair of walking shoes. Our footwear buying guides aim to offer you some guidance and advice on the our footwear collection to helpfully help you make an informed decision.

Explore our Footwear Buying Guides below:

Grisport Ravine Shoe Product Review

The Grisport Ravine shoe is a lightweight, soft and extremely comfortable walking shoe! The Grisport Ravine walking shoe is a lightweight, fully waterproof and breathable leather walking shoe.  Although a very lightweight this shoe has a rugged design and is… Continue reading →

Hoggs of Fife Rambler Boot Review

The Hoggs of Fife Rambler boot is part of the famous Scottish countrywear! The Hoggs of Fife Rambler boot is a classic design boot made from top quality materials. It is designed to be superior and lightweight and is available… Continue reading →

Which walking boot insoles?

It goes without saying that when out walking or hiking, our feet do most of the hard work. This is why it’s so important to make sure that our feet are very well looked after and that appropriate footwear, socks… Continue reading →

Lacing technique that help to alleviate foot problems!

You may find that a certain lacing technique used can help to alleviate many foot problems you may be experiencing. These methods may also help to reduce certain irritations and discomforts. There are many foot/feet problems associated with inappropriate or ill-fitting footwear…. Continue reading →

Grisport Magma-Lo Shoe Review

The Grisport Magma lo shoe is a lightweight, comfortable and waterproof walking shoe – perfect for everyday wear! Grisport Magma lo Shoe Features The Grisport Magma-Lo is a lovely shoe, nice and lightweight, great for any lowland walking or dog… Continue reading →

Grisport Modena Shoe Product Review

The Grisport Modena shoe is a sturdy, yet lightweight leather shoe! The Grisport Modena walking shoe is a nice lightweight walking shoe and is made from quality Italian leather uppers. This shoe is not waterproof, it hasn’t got a waterproof… Continue reading →

Frequently Asked Questions about Wellies

Wellies FAQ Below are a list of questions that we are asked on a regular basis about our wellies, either in-store or over the telephone, together with our answers. 1. Where is it considered ‘acceptable’ to wear wellies? 2. My… Continue reading →

What to consider before buying a pair of wellies!

Back in the 19th century, wellingtons, gumboots, galoshes or rain boots, (perhaps better known as wellies!), were very popular when out hunting and shooting. Today, they are often seen being worn at festivals, when out shopping on the high street,… Continue reading →

New Grisport Active Shoes

Grisport, the Italian based footwear specialist, has recently designed and produced a new range of walking and leisure shoes which it calls its Grisport active shoes. Over the years, Grisport has created an excellent reputation for itself and is well… Continue reading →

Grisport Boots Five Layer Sole Unit

There are five layers to the sole of Grisport walking boots. This unique construction by Grisport will guarantee comfort and performance! Outersole – please refer to the individual boots. Outersole includes unique Vibram pattern for durability, rubber sole and trekking… Continue reading →

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