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Clean, maintain & reproof leather Grisport boots and shoes

Top tips on looking after your Grisport boots and shoes If the leather on your Grisport boots or walking shoes becomes wet, its natural breathability capability reduces. This causes wet feet, as a result of sweating and condensation. Leather can… Continue reading →

How to clean,maintain and reproof your Grisport Boots!

Your Grisport walking boots could be soaking up water just because they are dirty! Dirt attracts water and reduces the performance of the leather and fabric. Therefore a little maintenance goes a long way. Leather boots and shoes really are… Continue reading →

Grisport Walking Boots and Shoes | Brand Highlight

Grisport walking boots and shoes guarantee quality Through extensive research and the use of a highly technical computer system that simulates the walking experience, Grisport walking boots are guaranteed to be comfortable straight from the box. In 1977, a new brand of footwear was… Continue reading →

Walking boots and shoes that help with preventing blisters!

Wearing the right type of walking boot is vital in order to prevent blisters and have an enjoyable walk. There are many brands available, each one offering something unique. However, the collection of walking boots below offer unique designs with… Continue reading →

Grisport Ravine Shoe Product Review

The Grisport Ravine shoe is a lightweight, soft and extremely comfortable walking shoe! The Grisport Ravine walking shoe is a lightweight, fully waterproof and breathable leather walking shoe.  Although a very lightweight this shoe has a rugged design and is… Continue reading →

Grisport Magma-Lo Shoe Review

The Grisport Magma lo shoe is a lightweight, comfortable and waterproof walking shoe – perfect for everyday wear! Grisport Magma lo Shoe Features The Grisport Magma-Lo is a lovely shoe, nice and lightweight, great for any lowland walking or dog… Continue reading →

Grisport Modena Shoe Product Review

The Grisport Modena shoe is a sturdy, yet lightweight leather shoe! The Grisport Modena walking shoe is a nice lightweight walking shoe and is made from quality Italian leather uppers. This shoe is not waterproof, it hasn’t got a waterproof… Continue reading →

New Grisport Active Shoes

Grisport, the Italian based footwear specialist, has recently designed and produced a new range of walking and leisure shoes which it calls its Grisport active shoes. Over the years, Grisport has created an excellent reputation for itself and is well… Continue reading →

Grisport Boots Five Layer Sole Unit

There are five layers to the sole of Grisport walking boots. This unique construction by Grisport will guarantee comfort and performance! Outersole – please refer to the individual boots. Outersole includes unique Vibram pattern for durability, rubber sole and trekking… Continue reading →

Grisport Boots Technical Information

Lightweight, waterproof and breathable boots Looking for a pair of lightweight, waterproof walking boots that don’t cost the earth? Then check out Grisport Walking and Hiking Boots. Every style of boot and shoe is hand designed and manufactured in Italy…. Continue reading →

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