Hoggs of Fife

Boots and Shoes – Think Hoggs of Fife!

Town or country, hiking or the workplace, we all need boots and shoes! At Cherry Tree Country Clothing we are proud to stock a fantastic range of quality footwear from Hoggs of Fife. Whether out shopping in town, working on… Continue reading →

Caledonia Tweed Cartridge Bag | Product Review

Keep your valuables and cartridges safe using a stylish Hoggs of Fife Caledonia tweed cartridge bag! SAVE!  RRP £42.50 but our price is currently £34.50!  Hoggs of Fife is well-known for its quality and style and the Caledonia tweed cartridge… Continue reading →

Why we love Hoggs of Fife Autumn Collection (and you should, too!)

There are many reasons why we love this years Hoggs of Fife Autumn collection.  Indeed, it’s fair to say that these reasons can be summed up using just three key words – quality, durability and stylish! For over 100 years Hoggs… Continue reading →

Hoggs of Fife | New Summer Collection

Hoggs of Fife Spring/Summer Collection 2016 You may well wonder why Hoggs of Fife continues to grow and succeed each year, with so many different competing brands available on the market!  Well, the answer is easy.  It’s down to quality… Continue reading →

Workwear | Hoggs of Fife New Season

Tough and durable workwear from a brand who has the ‘know how’ – Hoggs of Fife! Since 1888, Hoggs of Fife has continued to produce workwear that meets the high standards of farmers, gardeners and factory workers everywhere! With its product… Continue reading →

Classic Countrywear Collection | Hoggs of Fife New Season

Get the country look with Hoggs of Fife countrywear! Achieving the perfect country look with a classic countrywear collection can be difficult sometimes, so try adding a Hoggs of Fife garment to the mix, as it will certainly smarten things… Continue reading →

Hunting & Shooting Range | Hoggs of Fife New Season

Practical Hoggs of Fife hunting jackets and quality lined shirts –  ready for the new season! For many years  Hoggs of Fife has designed, manufactured and supplied country clothing and footwear for men and women that is just perfect for… Continue reading →

A useful brogue shoes and boots buying guide

Hailing from the twentieth century, brogue shoes and boots provide a touch of class and style to a gentleman’s fashion. Originating from Ireland it’s interesting that, from initial concept, these shoes were constructed using untanned hide.  Further, using a unique… Continue reading →

Hoggs of Fife products for staying warm and dry this 2016!

As the years go by Hoggs of Fife continues to constantly expand its product range,  adding quality products that are guaranteed to perform well even in the harshest and toughest of conditions…whilst remaining stylish too! All of these products are just… Continue reading →

What is Chera Wax Cotton?

Chera wax cotton is a traditional fabric used in the manufacture of apparel and accessories. Chera wax is the signature fabric of the organisation which calls itself British Millerain, which is the leading manufacturers of waxed cotton fabrics. Chera wax… Continue reading →

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