Sometimes a picture is better than words!

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Pheasants: 29 Breeds and where they can be found in the world!

Did you know that there are over 29 breeds of pheasants in the world?  And did you know that the United kingdom’s common pheasant originated from Asia? Well, there certainly are many different types of pheasants on planet Earth. Here… Continue reading →

Benefits from Dog Walking!

The activity of dog walking brings with it many clear benefits for both you and your pets! With an increase in obesity for both humans and dogs alike, health officials and vets are suggesting that the simple act of walking,… Continue reading →

FIVE Essential Features of Comfortable Walking Boots

No matter what your activity is, wearing comfortable walking boots, when out and about, is a must!  This will not only get you further but will also help to prevent those very painful blisters! Although price naturally has a major… Continue reading →

Don’t suffer with foot blisters anymore when hiking!

It’s no secret that foot blisters can be very painful! Getting a foot blister when out walking or hiking can be disastrous –  and it may even mean that you have to give up on your most recent hiking goal! … Continue reading →

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