Walking Shoes Review

walking shoe reviews

Comfort and durability are the key issues to consider when buying a pair of walking shoes. Our walking shoes reviews outline the key features of our top selling brands.

With many different brands and style currently available to buy, it can be difficult in deciding on the best pair of walking shoes – especially when buying over the internet! Our reviews have been designed to give you as much information as possible so that you can make an informed decision.

You may consider a pair of walking boots. Check out our Walking Boots Reviews for more information.

Explore our Walking Shoes Reviews below:

Grisport Ravine Shoe Product Review

The Grisport Ravine shoe is a lightweight, soft and extremely comfortable walking shoe! The Grisport Ravine walking shoe is a lightweight, fully waterproof and breathable leather walking shoe.  Although a very lightweight this shoe has a rugged design and is… Continue reading →

Grisport Magma-Lo Shoe Review

The Grisport Magma lo shoe is a lightweight, comfortable and waterproof walking shoe – perfect for everyday wear! Grisport Magma lo Shoe Features The Grisport Magma-Lo is a lovely shoe, nice and lightweight, great for any lowland walking or dog… Continue reading →

Grisport Modena Shoe Product Review

The Grisport Modena shoe is a sturdy, yet lightweight leather shoe! The Grisport Modena walking shoe is a nice lightweight walking shoe and is made from quality Italian leather uppers. This shoe is not waterproof, it hasn’t got a waterproof… Continue reading →

Difference between Grisport Dartmoor and Grisport Ravine Shoe

Italian made, full leather walking shoes! We have received many enquires about the difference between the Grisport Dartmoor shoe and the Grisport Ravine Shoe. As a result, we have produced a table that outlines the key differences between these two… Continue reading →

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