Walking Footwear Advice

walking footwear advice

Taking time to make sure you choose the right walking boots (or shoes) and walking socks, will reduce the possibility of blisters and other foot problems. Buying walking boots or shoes over the internet can be difficult, as different styles and sizes may vary and may not suit your style of foot. Our walking footwear advice guides have been designed to try and help you make an informed decision. Plus, if you find that the size is wrong or the style is not suitable, you can return the boots (or shoes) for a full refund (T&C’s apply).

Explore our walking footwear advice guides below:

A beginner’s guide to walking in the mountains!

It is always important that you are well prepared when walking in the mountains . Whether you plan on going with a walking group or on your own with your pet dog, being prepared is essential for your enjoyment and… Continue reading →

Leaking walking boots? Get the best from your boots!

Leaking walking boots and other common problems – and how to prevent them! Do you experience leaking walking boots ? Just how frustrating is that? Have you perhaps searched for many hours to find the right pair of walking boots that… Continue reading →

FIVE Essential Features of Comfortable Walking Boots

No matter what your activity is, wearing comfortable walking boots, when out and about, is a must!  This will not only get you further but will also help to prevent those very painful blisters! Although price naturally has a major… Continue reading →

What are the best walking boots for the job?

Finding the best walking boots to wear, for any particular purpose, can be difficult at the best of times! For example, should you buy low or high cut walking boots? Or, maybe you need to know whether ‘ fabric’ walking… Continue reading →

Grisport Walking Boots and Shoes | Brand Highlight

Grisport walking boots and shoes guarantee quality Through extensive research and the use of a highly technical computer system that simulates the walking experience, Grisport walking boots are guaranteed to be comfortable straight from the box. In 1977, a new brand of footwear was… Continue reading →

Hiking Socks – Which one is best for me?

There are hundreds of hiking socks currently on the market. For example, there is our ‘four season’ technical hiking socks, which will equip you well for walking in any of the four seasons of the year…but what else is available? Well, choosing the… Continue reading →

Summer Walking Holiday Gear Guide!

Family walking holiday planned? Get the right walking gear! With Spring almost over and Summer just round the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how to get your family fit and healthy – so, what better than a family… Continue reading →

Don’t suffer with foot blisters anymore when hiking!

It’s no secret that foot blisters can be very painful! Getting a foot blister when out walking or hiking can be disastrous –  and it may even mean that you have to give up on your most recent hiking goal! … Continue reading →

Trekking in outer mongolia or climbing Everest? Wear the right hiking sock!

Be prepared this Summer – with the right pair of hiking socks, whatever your activity! It is already well documented that wearing the right type of walking boot is vital to prevent blisters and aid a comfortable walk. However, what’s… Continue reading →

Walking boots and shoes that help with preventing blisters!

Wearing the right type of walking boot is vital in order to prevent blisters and have an enjoyable walk. There are many brands available, each one offering something unique. However, the collection of walking boots below offer unique designs with… Continue reading →

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