Walking Top Tips

walking top tips

Our walking top tips guides outline important facts to know and understand when out walking and hiking. These include the countryside code and how to protect the environment.

Explore our walking top tips guides below:

A beginner’s guide to walking in the mountains!

It is always important that you are well prepared when walking in the mountains . Whether you plan on going with a walking group or on your own with your pet dog, being prepared is essential for your enjoyment and… Continue reading →

Benefits from Dog Walking!

The activity of dog walking brings with it many clear benefits for both you and your pets! With an increase in obesity for both humans and dogs alike, health officials and vets are suggesting that the simple act of walking,… Continue reading →

5 top tips to ensure your kids enjoy their hiking!

Below are 5 top tips to help ensure your kids enjoy their hiking: get them involved in the planning of the hike keep them focused and interested throughout the hike set the walking pace at the kids pace ensure everyone… Continue reading →

Trekking in outer mongolia or climbing Everest? Wear the right hiking sock!

Be prepared this Summer – with the right pair of hiking socks, whatever your activity! It is already well documented that wearing the right type of walking boot is vital to prevent blisters and aid a comfortable walk. However, what’s… Continue reading →

Foot blisters and their cause

What causes foot blisters? No matter what your activity, whether it be hiking, dog walking, shooting or farm work, foot blisters are a common ailment. There are many causes of foot blisters, including heat, moisture and of course pressure against… Continue reading →

Lacing technique that help to alleviate foot problems!

You may find that a certain lacing technique used can help to alleviate many foot problems you may be experiencing. These methods may also help to reduce certain irritations and discomforts. There are many foot/feet problems associated with inappropriate or ill-fitting footwear…. Continue reading →

Assessing Countryside Behaviour!

It’s fair to say that the UK boasts some truly astonishing countryside walks, experiences and views! Within the United Kingdom, of course, we have Wales, England, Northern Ireland and Scotland all enforcing rules and regulations to promote desired behaviour under… Continue reading →

The Countryside Code

We all enjoy walking in the countryside, but we need to make sure the countryside remains beautifal so that we can enjoy it for many years to come. The National England organisation, in consultation with Countryside Council for Wales have… Continue reading →

Top 6 Space-Saving Items for your Travel Pack!

Kit for your Travel Pack There may be exciting times ahead, whether it be a family camping holiday in Skegness, a holiday with friends in the Isle of Man, an all-female walking holiday in Portugal, or perhaps a ‘gap’ year… Continue reading →

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