dog walkingWeekends are precious, you should want to make the most of them! For lots of people the weekend is their motivator to get them through the week. However half the time they are wasted or they do not live up to their expectations! Weekends feel longer if you get out and enjoy them and as a result you maybe more refreshed, more productive and enjoy your job more.

So we have created some tips on how to make the most out of your weekends:

To Start….

Separate your weekend from your week!

Weekends need to feel different from your week. Spend your weekend doing different activities, hobbies or work that you wouldn’t usually do during the week. ie. Week days spent sat at desk, weekend spent chopping wood, going for a hike or taking the dog out for a walk.

Plan your weekend

How many times have you reached Sunday night and wondered where has the time gone and what have I achieved? Decide during the week what you hope to get out of your weekend. Without some planning, you often end up doing nothing or you tend to potter around the house. Do not try and do it all! I am not talking about trying to cram in as much as you can, your weekends do not have to look like your week days.

Why not dampen those Monday blues by planning the upcoming weekend!

Rise and Shine!

Getting up earlier and getting things done! There are many who think weekends are for sleep-ins..okay if you are shattered then fair enough! However, this will only put your body clock out of sync and you often end up having not nearly as much of a productive day.


Stay motivated; don’t do too many chores, try get these done during week nights or create a small window for chores. Do not give yourself 20 things to do as you are setting yourself up to fail. Prioritise what’s important, for example why not do your grocery shop on a week day after work…name one person who likes to go to the supermarket on weekends! Unless you want to be rammed in the ankles by a trolley?

Making meals can take up time, why not freeze left over meals and have these at the weekend, cuts down washing up time too! Or go out for dinner, try somewhere new or out of town.

An active body is an active mind!

Make time for a hobby or activity- whether this is shooting, fishing, some 5 aside football with your friends or even painting or knitting. This is a great way to relieve stress and foster creativity.

Go and explore the outdoors!

We cannot always rely on the weather, especially in Britain! However if you are dressed for the occasion, this shouldn’t be a worry – check out our range in outdoor clothing. This a great opportunity to meet up with friends or family and enjoy a walk or cycle. You will be surprised at how refreshed and energised you will feel after some fresh air and exercise.

Chill time

This is your time to relax, rejuvenate and reflect on things. Allow yourself some ‘you’ time throughout the weekend! Don’t work every minute, allow yourself a rest, even 24 hours of no work. Although, maybe take an hour to reflect on the past week (work and life) and plan the next week, create goals to reach and targets to keep your motivation high.

Unplug from technology

Enjoy a digital detox for a day or even half a day! Reconnect with real life human beings, it will feel very revitalising.

Do something fun on Sunday!

Instead of spending the last few hours of your evening sieving through work emails or catching up on work, do something you will look forward to.

Bucket lists are not just for holidays!

Weekends are great for exploring new places or starting new activities. Why not stretch yourself now and again. Alternatively, go on a road trip or take the family on a camping trip, it doesn’t have to be miles away, perhaps even half an hour.

It might sound simple, but simple things in life make us feel happier! Happy weekend!