Obviously what you need for a camping trip varies depending on when and where you are camping. If you are planning a hardcore hiking expedition into the wilderness you will want to keep things as light as possible so opt for minimal luxuries. If however you are a first time or leisurely camper off to a campsite after having packed everything into the car, you can afford to take a few more home comforts. Whatever your bag, we have you covered from head to toe and we are sure you will be a camping fanatic in no time – if you are not already! 

Sleeping bag

Sleeping bags can be a bit of a minefield when it comes to knowing what to buy. There are so many out there with various ratings of season, comfort and lower limit as well as varying materials, shapes and insulation. What does all the jargon mean? Read our Guide to Sleeping Bags to find out what type will suit you. Below are some of the options available.

Sleepline 250
Trekker 50
Serenity 350

Roll mat

Roll mat functions are two-fold – to make your sleep more comfortable and an added layer of insulation from the cold ground. There are various types of roll mats and you can pay a lot of money or next to nothing, but we recommend going somewhere in the middle. A good quality roll mat is worth forking out a little extra cash for if it means you will get a good night sleep and not have to lug a heavy mat round in your rucksack all day, but you need not pay through the nose. We stock two different types, a Traditional Roll Mat and an Inflatable Roll Mat. Both are lightweight so easy to pack onto or into a rucksack.


The foundation of a successful camping trip is a good tent. The type you go for will depend on how many people you plan to camp with, where and when. Things to consider are factors such as:

  • How far you will be carrying the tent (opt for a lightweight tent if trekking)
  • Whether you think a porch would be beneficial for storing damp equipment and gear for drying
  • The time of year and possible weather conditions you will encounter.

We offer several options which will suit most campers.

1 person tent camping essentials
Blackthorn 1
Juniper 4
Birch 3

Cooking equipment

Arguably one of the best things about camping is sausages or porridge in the morning cooked on a camping stove! When it’s cold outside, a hearty hot meal can make all the difference to your mood. A camping stove, kettle and crockery makes life much easier when camping and our range is all lightweight and compact so won’t weigh you down.

camping essential cooking kit
Triplex Compact Stove
Aluminium Camping Kettle
Cutlery Clip Set


Camping in the UK means it is almost inevitable at some point you will probably get soggy. Traditional towels are incredibly heavy, slow to dry and space consuming so not ideal for taking camping. Microfibre towels however are the opposite – the Highlander Outdoor Gear Microfibre Towel is the ideal camping companion. It absorbs around 4x more water than a regular towel, is quick drying, incredibly lightweight and takes up barely any space when folded into its own carry bag.

Camping chair

This one is on the more luxury side of camping! Sitting round the campfire at night with a beer or hot chocolate in a camping chair is definitely amongst the finer things in life. If however you are walking long distances before setting up camp, you will not want to carry a camping chair. Why not opt for a more compact and lighter, but still comfortable camping seat like the Highlander Folding Sit Mat.

camping essential chair drink holder comfortable
Edinburgh Camping Chair
Folding Sit Mat

Sense of adventure!

Perhaps the most important thing to take along when you go camping. Whether you are camping with friends or family, camping can be the most exciting and incredible experience. In the UK we are lucky to have some of the most extraordinary and beautiful landscapes to explore and set up camp in. Need we say more? Pack up your tent and plan your next camping adventure!

Top tips


  • Make sure you’ve got enough tent pegs (and they’re not bent) before you head off
  • If you are camping somewhere with lots of trees, bushes, undergrowth or bogs, it might be an idea to pack some bug repellent
  • Accessories such as hand warmers can make all the difference if you are camping in colder months.
  • If you are venturing into the great outdoors, it is always sensible to take a first aid kit
  • Take lots of supplies and water if there isn’t going to be any.
  • Depending on where you’re going, check local guidelines and bylaws and make sure to be a responsible camper (Scotland allow wild camping in certain spots, but if you are going anywhere else in the UK be sure to research and book camp sites ahead of your trip)

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