Most people have a hat hidden away somewhere in a wardrobe or cupboard, whether it be a warm woolly hat, a baseball cap, a sun hat or perhaps a straw hat!  Anyway, chances are that you have a hat or cap that you enjoy wearing when you’re out and about. What’s interesting though is how all of the hats or caps we now take for granted became so popular in the first place!

Well, back in the nineteenth century Royals could often be seen wearing bonnets adorned with flowers and ribbons when in attendance at functions and ceremonies. Similarly, nowadays, one of the most commonly noticed items of headgear connected to royalty is the bearskin tall furry hat, worn outside Buckingham Palace as part of the Brigade of Guards full dress.

Indeed, many celebrities are often seen sporting a hat or cap. From Pharrell Williams spotted on many occasions wearing a bucket hat, to Brad Pitt wearing a tweed cap. Turn back the clock however and who can forget Babe Ruth back in the 19th century, styling the famous baseball cap!

Source: Pinterest

Babe Ruth – Source: Pinterest

Naturally, a hat may be worn for many different reasons and of course for many different purposes. Examples of these include protection from the elements, for religious reasons, for ceremonial reasons or, within the work place at least, for health and safety reasons.  In addition, the concepts of style and fashion can’t be forgotten!

Our hat and cap collection

At Cherry Tree Country Clothing we pride ourselves on sourcing and selecting a range of quality products to meet or exceed our customers expectations. This is true of our ‘hats and caps’ collection.

Hats for Walking and Hiking

Pom Pom Hat

When out walking or hiking, the weather can change very quickly. One minute the sun is shining and the next there is an unexpected thunder storm. Making sure you are prepared and well equipped is therefore essential.Dexshell Beanie Hats

A hat or cap provides the necessary protection from the sun and rain when out and about hiking or walking. Many of our beanie hats are fully waterproof, breathable and windproof. For example, the Dexshell contrast beanie hat has been designed to include a waterproof, breathable and windproof membrane and it is light and small enough to be tucked in a jacket pocket or rucksack pouch. For extra sun protection, the Everest Cap with a peak offers plenty of shade on the face, but will also give you ear protection when out in the open countryside.

For extreme weathers, you could consider the 6in1 headover. This is a fully waterproof, breathable and windproof head protector with a toggle closure. As the weather warms up, why not roll it up and wear it as a beanie? Although not the most elegant garment, the 6 in 1 headover will definitely protect you from all of the changes in the weather!

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Hats for Shooting, Stalking & Pheasant Beating

harris tweed 8 piece flat caphoggs wax bush hat

Whether attending an informal or formal shoot, keeping your head covered is essential if you are to stay warm. There are many different styles of hats and caps suitable for shooting, stalking and pheasant beating. Our range includes tweed flat caps, fleece baseball caps with ear protectors and wax baseball caps. Interestingly, one of our best selling hats is the Aussie style hat and we offer both the Perth hat and the Leather Aussie hat by Hoggs of Fife. Both of these hats have been designed with a wide brim to give you extra protection from the rain, over the shoulders and down the back of your neck.

We also offer a range of flat caps that will complement any shooting jacket and breeks set.  Our quality sets include the Hoggs of Fife Edinburgh tweed collection and the Hoggs Glenfinnan collection.

If you are new to pheasant beating and you are unsure of what to wear, one point to remember is that there can be a lot of standing around waiting for dogs to retrieve game and for the game keepers to give you ‘the nod’. Therefore, staying warm is essential. The most effective way to stay warm is to ensure your head is covered and protected from the elements all day long, as necessary.

Similarly, if you’re new to stalking and you’re unsure what to wear, then there are two main points to remember. The first point is to stay as warm and comfortable as possible, as often you may find yourself sitting ‘in wait’, for the pray to cross your path. The second point is to remember to stay hidden. Our range of camouflage clothing and boots is simply great for staying warm, comfortable and hidden.

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So, we hope the above information is of some help and interest. You can easily stay warm, dry and comfortable when out and about and look stylish and smart too – all at the same time!

Enjoy yourself and be warm and dry when out and about!