Been out for a run, a long walk, gardening or maybe taken your four legged friend out for a stroll, then what about a quick snack afterwards?

Yes, all the experts tell us what we should and shouldn’t eat but, just now and again, something we fancy can be a ‘quick fix’ until a more healthy meal later on.

Recipes and something yummy

Hot Vinegar Crisps

So, its cold and frosty or wet and windy! You’ve just returned from your daily dog walk (who must enjoy their routine, whatever the weather) and you need something quick – just for a change that will warm you up and rid you of that peckish feeling. Simply follow the steps below for our great hot vinegar crisps:

  • Heat up the grill to a medium heat
  • Open up a packet of plain potato crisps
  • Place the crisps on a small non-stick tray
  • Add a sprinkling of pepper
  • Put the plate of crisps under the grill for a minute or two (monitor carefully, so they don’t blacken or burn)
  • Take from the grill (don’t burn your fingers on the non-stick tray)
  • Whilst the crisps are still hot, add a sprinkling of vinegar and transfer to a plate
  • Add a blog of brown or red sauce to the side of the plate

Your delicious crisps are now ready to enjoy along with a round of bread and butter and nice cuppa! Enjoy!

Spongey Hot Chocolate

Take your wet togs off, put the kettle on and warm up the ring on the cooker ready for the milk pan.

Make yourself a tasty hot chocolate half hot milk/half hot water, just they way you enjoy it. Perhaps two (or three) marshmallows on top?

Open up a packet of trifle sponge fingers (yes, those you buy for making your trifles with the sugary coating on top, are also known as lady fingers) and take 2 or 3 from the packet and place on a plate

Take your tray with your plate of sponge fingers and delicious hot chocolate on it and make your way to your open fire and put your feet up.

Now….the best bit! Dunk your trifle sponge fingers into your hot chocolate, place in your mouth and savour! Mmm, what a great way to warm up!

Why should babies have all the fun?

Been out in the snow and your hands and feet are freezing? Take a look below for a great way to warm up:

  • Pop on the milk pan with enough milk in for an average bowl of cereals
  • Put in a Farleys Rusk (yum!) add your favourite cereal on top, such as rice crisps, and pour on your hot milk!
  • Add a sprinkle of sugar

Enjoy your delicious creamy cereal dish, washed down with a hot cuppa. You’ll soon warm up! Its recommended you buy “original” Farleys Rusks for a great taste – full of calcium too!

My colleagues at Cherry Tree Country Clothing used to laugh at me for all of the above….now they’re all converted – so why not give them a try!