Have you tried Antler Dog Chews?  Do you have a dog that loves chewing everything in sight?  Perhaps your sofas, your doors, – or even your favourite mat!  Or, do you find that your dog finishes his or her ‘chew’ too quickly?  ( so you don’t have enough time to do what you want to do, whilst doggy is kept entertained!)  If this is you, then please read on and check out the Antler Dog Chews!

Antler Dog Chew

Made from naturally shed Deer antlers, these dog chews are packed tight with healthy nutrients and minerals that will keep your dogs occupied for hours!

Antler Dog Chew Marrow

Packed nutrients and minerals

I have two beagles who are constantly up to no good, they are either digging the biggest hole possible in the back garden, or pulling everything out of the cupboards! No matter what ‘chews’ we give them to keep them occupied, they either don’t like them or they wont last very long!

So we gave the “Antler Dog Chews” a try!

What’s so good about ‘antler’ dog chews?

They are not the cheapest dog chews on the market but Bailey, (our oldest Beagle), is a very fussy eater and he doesn’t like traditional dog biscuits or tripe dog chews – so this additional expense was a bit of a risk!  Now Patch, (our younger Beagle), will eat just about anything!  He’ll happily munch away on crunchy dog biscuits, vegetable starch chews – even socks – so whatever he is given, he will usually chew without much of a problem!

As animal lovers, and before we even touched these dog chews, we wanted to make sure that no harm was caused to any animal in the making of the products.  We were pleasantly re-assured however, as the information leaflet guarantees that this product is 100% natural – with confirmation that no Deer is harmed, as all antlers have been shed naturally! So perfect!

Bailey with Antler Dog Chew

Results – our boys loved them and most importantly the antlers kept them occupied and busy for hours! They are happy which means we are happy!

Benefits to Bailey and Patch:

  • packed tight with healthy nutrients and minerals
  • less likely to shatter or splinter
  • cleans their teeth
  • irresistible to dogs
  • low calorie product
  • hours of enjoyment!

Patch with Antler Dog Chew

Benefits to us:

  • knowing we am giving them a healthy chew, packed tight with nutrients and minerals
  • peace and quiet for hours!
  • no more chewed furniture
  • reduced possibility of bad breath in our pets
  • less mess and no smells from the product!
  • longer lasting than other ‘chews’ (e.g. pigs ears)
  • no processed additives added

So whatever size dog you have, whether it be a Toy Poodle, a Beagle, Springer Spaniel or Wolfhound, these Antler Dog Chews will give them many hours of enjoyment!

Antler Dog Chews Collection


Antler Dog Chews Youtube – check out Bailey and Patch enjoying their Antler Dog Chews