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Are you currently thinking about Halloween, Bonfire night, Christmas – and, em, perhaps X-Factor? Well, all of these point towards the transition from Summer to Autumn and then, of course, to the cold and frosty countdown towards Winter! So, what should we really be thinking about when it comes to the glorious season of Autumn and dog walking?

Well, we all know that with those wet, blustery and frosty days upon us, the weather can be quite unpredictable. Through all of this, we need to make sure that our ‘pooch’ is safe and happy but also that we (as our pooch’s parents and guardians) are safe, warm, dry and cosy too!

Remember that this is the time of year when we’re going to be dog walking during those darker mornings and evenings. It’s so important therefore to both ‘see and be seen’, to quote an old phrase!

Being safe when dog walking in the Autumn

Avoiding danger at all costs – for us and pooch- certainly needs careful consideration. High visibility neck gaiters and high visibility Beanie hats will certainly make sure we stand out to oncoming traffic. Similarly, enhanced visibility vests to wear over coats help to ensure safety!

For our doggies, a glow pet light, hooked onto their collar (these can be switched to a flashing mode too) is a fantastic piece of equipment. Also, there is a very useful Nite Dawg LED lead, with bright red illuminations available to help make sure they are seen.

Remember too, that a hand held torch or even better a hands-free LED head torch (which is easily adjustable and can be worn over a hat) is an excellent addition to a dog walkers tool kit!

Left: Hi Visibility Neck Gaiter, Middle: Glow Pet Light, Right: Enhanced Visibility Vest

Being warm, dry and cosy when dog walking in the Autumn season

Those murky, dusky autumn evenings or those cold, wet and windy early mornings do force us to think about jackets and coats!

Some of us may like to don an item such as a superb Hoggs of Fife padded wax jacket, which sure is weatherproof and even has a very useful detachable hood. This jacket is available in children’s sizes too, so they can join in the fun and look just like the grown up they’re walking alongside. (which they’ll love). At the same time, get that all important exercise, whilst walking the dog in comfort and style. So, why not make it a family occasion?

Of course, others of us may prefer a great looking Hoggs of Fife waterproof/windproof Ghillie fleece jacket or, alternatively a quality reversible StormDri 4000 jacket, which is an ideal product for autumn walking. Whether for him or for her, there really is a great selection of quality jackets to choose from and the whole range can be viewed here.

In addition, let’s keep those legs warm and dry too! For example a pair of classic Kiwi walking trousers, by Craghoppers, will be great for keeping the wet out but, at the same time, they’re not too heavy and cumbersome to wear. They have very useful pockets too, for items such as dog treats or pooh bags!

Alternatively, a pair of Hoggs of Fife over trousers with waterproof, windproof and breathable qualities are superb to pop on over your usual togs. With many features, these will certainly help keep us snug and warm, when out and about.

Ladies, do take a look at the fantastic Percussion Rambouillet trousers. These are simply perfect for outdoor walking with canine friends on those wintry days!

Left: Hoggs of Fife Ghillie Fleece Jacket, Middle: StormDri 4000 Quilted Jacket, Right: Green King Over Trousers

Keeping heads, feet and hands warm when dog walking in the Autumn season

There’s an ongoing debate whether body heat does actually escape through the top of our heads. Well, at least for the time being, let’s assume it does!

Regardless, its always nice to feel our heads are well protected from the elements and are cosy and dry as we walk along. Plus, there’s nothing worse than cold or aching ears, resulting from a chilly wind! Add it all up and it does make sense to pop on some head wear when out and about.

Some hats, headbands and snoods to consider include a nice looking, striped Beanie hat with a waterproof and breathable lining or perhaps a Hoggs of Fife Invegarry stylish trapper hat, which is really snug and cosy.

For the youngsters, what about a junior snowstar beanie hat – they’ll love it! A slopeside soft and cosy fleece headband is a great idea too! Not everyone likes a snood but they sure do play a part in keeping body heat in and the cold out. For example, the fantastic adults thermal fleece snood is always a hit and can be easily tucked into the top of a jacket.

Remember too that there is always an option to wear neck gaiters, earmuffs or our great quality scarves. These truly are fantastic items to choose from, that will keep us all as warm as toast!

Left: Hoggs of Fife Invergarry Trapper Hat, Middle:  Pom Pom Beanie  Right: Slopeside Fleece Headband

Wearing the right socks

We all want to avoid chilblains and other foot ailments and this is where wearing the right footwear and socks has such a big impact and an influence upon healthy feet.

Again, there are so many great quality walking boots and shoes to choose from. The Grisport Peaklander boot (available in black or brown) for men and women, is a prime example. this boot boasts many useful features and is really comfortable to wear. However, please do take a look at other examples too,  by clicking  here!

Similarly, selecting the right pair of socks really does make a big difference – especially if walking pooch for many miles at a time! The Highlander knitted socks are so comfortable and do a great job. Similarly, the Hoggs of Fife Adventure socks are very worthy of consideration!

However, if the preference is to walk doggy in a pair of wellies, such as the Goodyear Stream wellies or maybe the Lunar Polka Dot wellies, then do be mindful of the type of socks to wear with them. This will ensure comfort.

It’s worth noting that if a welly has a neoprene lining, then wearing just a thin pair of socks can actually be better to allow your feet to breath!

There are of course many fantastic wellies to choose from for men, women and youngsters and they can all be viewed by clicking on the Dog walking wellies here.

Left: Lunar Polka Dot Wellingtons, Middle: Goodyear Stream Wellington, Right: Bridgedale Wool Fusion Socks

Anyway, back to socks! It’s also worthy of note that the Bridgedale Wool Fusion socks are specifically designed for a cold environment. Also, certainly worth a mention is the ‘1000Mile’ brand of socks. This range of socks, such as the 1000 mile Fusion walk sock, is guaranteed to enable walking activity for up to 1000 miles, with feet remaining completely blister free – or your money back!

Further, to put a smile on our youngsters faces  – and to encourage outdoor fun – do take a look at the Goodyear Toddlers wellies, sizes 4-11 (available in Blue or Red). They’re sure to keep those little feet warm, comfy and dry all day long!

Gloves for warmth and grip

To complete the Autumn outfit, gloves are considered by many to be a necessity! From soft-shell thermal gloves to hardwearing waterproof padded gloves, there truly is a fine selection to browse through.

Incidentally, the magic gripper gloves are particularly useful for dog walking and will ensure extra grip to give full control of the dog’s lead at all times!

Ruff and Tumble Dog Drying CoatsSo, there you have it!

There’s plenty to be thinking about as you prepare for Autumn’s unpredictable season. Plan carefully how you and your canine friend can make the most of those wonderful outdoor walks!

Oh, by the way, you might also want to think about our superb dog drying coats to dry off your pooch and to help keep them warm!


So, we hope all of the above information has been helpful but do please contact us if you have any specific queries or questions.  At Cherry Tree Country Clothing, we’re always on hand to help!

Happy dog walking in the Autumn season!