Have you ever considered taking on a Beagle puppy or perhaps giving a loving home to a Beagle from a rescue centre?

My husband and I have two pet Beagles and they offer so much love and affection that we really wouldn’t want to be without them!

History of Beagles


Beagles were originally bred for hunting Hares and other small game, which is an activity commonly known as ‘Beagling’.

Our two Beagles are our domestic pets but research shows that traditionally Beagles have been used as ‘scent hounds’ who prefer to hunt in packs of up to approximately 40 hounds at one time!   Although hunting with dogs is now illegal under the Hunting Act 2004, it is still the case that landowners can hunt legally, providing the activity takes place on their own property.

Beagles are small to medium size dogs with short coats who can be quite mischevious! They love to run through muddy waters – often rubbing themselves in the smelliest of substances in the process!  So, keeping Beagles clean can sometimes be a challenge! It is interesting to note that it is this breed of dog that is famously known as the cartoon character ‘Snoopy’!

SONY DSCAre beagles the best hunting dogs?

Research suggests that Beagles have been described as the top hunting dogs largely due to their personality, work ethics and energy! Below is a list of the key features needed for an effective hunting dog:

Scenting – Beagles are constantly sniffing and they are often seen with their noses very close to the ground, as they follow a scent.

Barking – These dogs definitely have a unique bark!  A Beagle’s distinctive bark is often referred to as ‘baying’ – it is a deep sound that can be heard for quite some distance throughout the countryside!

Energy – Beagles are packed full of an energy that will last all day long!

Determination – As part of their personality, these hounds never give up on tracking their scent.

Alertness – Beagles are always very alert and ready to work. With their unique tri-coloured markings (sometimes a lemon colour!) and white tipped tail, hunters are able to track their dogs safely!

Why a Beagle is a good family pet?SONY DSC

From our own experiences, Beagles are happy go-lucky dogs that are always ready to play and give their owners affection – all day long if necessary!.

It must be considered that Beagles crave affection and therefore they hate to be left alone. Beagles not only love the company of humans but  also that of their canine friends and indeed, well sometimes at least, their feline friends!

Bringing any dog into your home is a big commitment and this is definitely the case with a Beagle. These dogs need and of course deserve respect, discipline, time and patience. If you want to add a Beagle or two to your family, here is a list of things you may need to consider:

  • they love to jump – so make sure you have tall fences, so they can’t escape
  • they love to dig – so be prepared to fill in deep holes! (and sometimes repair your garden!)
  • they always have an appetite – so you may need to consider keeping your bins locked
  • they love to run and get out to play – it is recommended that they receive a minimum of 1 hour of exercise a day
  • they love affection and companionship – so if you live alone and have a 9 to 5 job, then a Beagle may not be the best breed for you!
  • they enjoy being with children – but caution should always be taken, as with any dog!

Other breeds crossed with a Beagle have resulted in new breeds such as a ‘Bagle’, which is a Beagle crossed with a Basset Hound, a Puggle, which is the result of a Beagle being crossed with a Pug and perhaps the most unusual is a Beaglematian which is a Beagle crossed with a Dalmatian!

If however you are looking for a pure bred Beagle then keep a look out for the white tip on the tail. This was bred into the breed many years ago, so that hunters can spot their dogs in long grass, when out in the countryside.

Our two Beagles have given us many years of happiness, enjoyment and companionship and this breed of dog certainly is one that we would most definitely recommend!

Best of luck with your dogs, whatever breed you choose!

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