You can’t guarantee what the weather is going be like, so being prepared is key!  Just what are the best festival wellies for women?  We have some great suggestions below, to help you. 

wellingtons for festivals

Why bother to choose the best festival wellies?

So, you’re at your festival again and the atmosphere is great! There’s a certain buzz about the place and you really can feel the excitement of some great music beckoning.  Somewhere amongst that whole sea of tents before you, is your humble abode for the next few days!

Rightly so, there will be lots of good advice reaching you, such as not wandering off anywhere by yourself, not keeping anything too valuable in your tent or perhaps taking one of those cheap pocket cameras with you rather than anything expensive.  Similarly, because the weather is a law unto itself, you’re advised to be prepared for any eventuality regarding the elements  – it really is best not to get caught out when the rain turns things muddy!

As you might imagine, this is where choosing the best festival wellies comes into it’s own! There will, of course, be a lot of walking about, maybe grabbing something to eat, or making your way to those inevitable queues for the dreaded smelly toilets. Mmm!   Anyway, if it has been raining you certainly don’t want to be slipping and sliding – or even falling – in the muddy, gooey mess that the fields can so easily and so quickly become.

Yes, some festival goers might even like throwing themsleves into the mud just for fun – but if you’re the type of person who doesn’t enjoy wearing muddy, wet and cold clothing (maybe for many hours) then staying upright as you walk along is going to be important to you!

Well, after all, you and your friends are at the festival to have fun and to enjoy yourselves the best you can. Being prepared is going to help you with this and having the right footwear is certainly worth thinking about.

Choosing the best festival wellies

The Lunar Range:

If you fancy something really cool that also looks good worn with your favourite pair of jeans, then you’ll need to go for something that will make you stand out from the crowd.  There’s bound to be something in our Lunar range of wellies that will suit you!

Lunar Garden Flower wellies

The adjustable strap on the Lunar wellies makes sure you have a great fit on your calf muscles.  Further, with a padded insole and a lovely soft cotton lining these wellies are a treat to wear.  They’re made from quality rubber and they also boast a fine rubber sole unit.

Lunar Garden Wellington Boot

Lunar cup cake wellies

If you love baking or maybe just love cupcakes to eat as a treat, then you’ll love these wellies too!  As well as having a padded insole and a very desirable cotton lining – just like the Garden flower welly above – these wellies also offer an adjustable strap on the side of the boot. They too have a nice strong rubber sole unit.

Lunar Cupcake Festival Wellies

Other wellies in our Lunar range:  

By the way, there’s one more in the Lunar range that you may seriously want to think about. It’s called the Lunar Flow Short Welly:

Lunar Flow Neoprene Wellington

This shorter welly offers great protection but still shouts “fashion”!  It too has a useful side buckle for your calf muscle adjustment and it has a Neoprene lining along with a cleated heel and toe.  The fantastic tartan pattern on the leg really sets this welly apart!  You’ll not be disappointed with this lovely comfy fit!


The Goodyear Loch Welly

Goodyear Loch Neoprene Wellingtons

This is a fine lightweight welly complete with a 4mm Neoprene lining and a nice padded insole. Your feet will feel so cosy and warm, even when it’s cold and damp outside!  One that you shouldn’t miss!

The Hoggs of Fife Braemar Welly

Hoggs of Fife Braemar Wellington Boots

Let’s go with the word ‘classic’!  These superb rubber wellies made by Hoggs of Fife have contoured ankles included in the design, to give a fit that’s ‘second to none’. The fit of this welly is also easily adjustable using the side strap and it has an ‘easy kick off’ heel spur too!  Another great feature is the removable cotton insole, that’s very easy to wash.  This welly is available in either Olive or Navy.

The Dunlop Pricemaster Wellington Boot

Dunlop Pricemaster Wellington BootA great buy when money is tight! Still made of rubber but more of a budget welly this boot will still give you good grip and is rugged and hardwearing. It may not have the warm lining that other wellington boots have but it will definitely serve its purpose. Cheap enough to leave behind at the end of the festival is you need to!

Well, above are just some examples of our best festival wellies in our range and we hope we’ve given you some ideas of what might be best for you.  Incidentally, you can view our full range of women’s wellies by clicking here.

Hopefully, wearing a pair of our best festival wellies will enhance your overall wonderful experience as a well prepared and organised festival goer!

Have a safe and enjoyable time!