Regular users of the wonderful, and quite often breath-taking, UK countryside including hikers, bikers, climbers or general outdoors type people, have almost certainly spent a night in a bunkhouse or hostel. Getting your head down and resting weary feet after a day of adventuring is your ultimate reward for a day of action. In fact most adventurers probably relish the thought of spending the night in a bunkhouse almost as much as the adventure itself. Probably.

However, if your idea of adventuring is a luxury guided tour followed by a night in a 5 star hotel then the word ‘bunkhouse’ likely conjures up images of tired uncomfortable wooden beds with no bedding, no heating no electricity and a leaky roof! If you do imagine that, then it’s definitely time you took another look at the current state of bunkhouse accommodation in the UK


Over the last couple of years, bunkhouses have started to become a vastly more mainstream type of accommodation. No longer just the haunt of hard-core adventurers or the more dedicated members of a local rambling club. These days, you’ll more often than not, find families, friends on a weekend away, stag and hen weekends and even couples on a relaxing weekend to discover the local area together, mingling with the aforementioned hard-core adventurers!

Bunkhouses are changing to meet the demands of these new types of guest, with comfortable beds, better facilities, unique features and above all… amazing unbeatable locations. While many hotels are stuck in the middle of town, and B&B’s in the suburbs, bunkhouses are often located in the middle of a National Park, or along a National Trail. You only have to step out of your door and your adventure has begun.


We think that everyone can get something out of a stay in a bunkhouse… but that’s not to say you should immediately go and book your next family holiday in one. If you want somewhere to stay that’s easier on the pocket, puts you closer to nature and unleashes you’re inner adventurer, then, if you haven’t already, you really should give a bunkhouse a try. Websites like list hundreds of bunkhouses and hostels located in every corner of the UK, with easy to read information, including facilities and prices, and the useful user reviews help you find those amazing places off the beaten track.

Almost all bunkhouses are self catering, but quite often a pub is in walking distance offering great hearty grub, just what you need after a day on the trails… and even better some pubs have bunkhouses attached, or do some bunkhouses have pubs attached? Bunkhouses don’t offer room service, they don’t have four poster beds, they probably don’t even have a TV. But what they do have, is a place to sleep and rest, a place to meet like minded others, a chance to get back to basics and best of all a place to start your personal adventure! What more could you ask for…

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