Country Clothing and Outdoor Gear in Ruthin

I read with interest in the Denbighshire Free Press, dated the 6th June 2012, of a suggestion from Denbigh Army Supplies Ltd that there is nowhere to buy camping equipment, accessories and gas in the county of Denbighshire.

Believe me, I know first-hand how difficult it is to be in business, especially in this current tough economic climate, so I take my hat off to anyone who makes efforts to promote their business in any way they can. Therefore, I am the first to wish Denbigh Army Supplies continued success long into the future. However, I would like to point out an oversight within Denbigh Army Supplies’ recent article.

In the interest of fair enterprise, I feel strongly that the record must be set straight! I must share with your readers that I have been a loyal customer to Clwyd Army and Navy Stores located in Well Street, Ruthin for many, many years. Indeed, it is the only store that I have ever gone to whenever I have needed my camping equipment, gas or accessories!

Clwyd Army & Navy Stores is a very well established family run business with customer service that is second to none. Its array of camping, outdoor, travel, country walking and hiking products is supported by well recognised and best quality brands. This shop is well worth a visit!Country Clothing and Outdoor Gear

Clwyd Army & Navy Stores of Ruthin has served me so well over the years, that purely out of loyalty, I felt I must stand up for what is right and let it be known to all that the small historical town of Ruthin boasts this superb family run, camping, outdoor wear and accessories business.

Meanwhile, I wish every small business the very best of luck – wherever they are!

Directions to Clwyd Army & Navy Stores: