Sometimes our everyday socks can be uncomfortable and even restrictive. This is especially so if the elasticated tops are digging into our legs!  Well, one way around this is to choose the best soft top walking socks that you can find.

It’s likely that as very busy people we can easily overlook and even neglect the health of our feet.  This means that without a bit of research we might not even know about the range of soft top socks available to us.  It really is worthwhile spending a little time seeking out the best soft top walking socks out there!

What are soft top socks?

Protrek Mountain Soft Top Walking Sock

HJ Protrek Mountain Soft Top Walking Socks

These are socks that have been designed for those of us who dislike the feeling of normal elasticated tops digging in. Not only can this leave unsightly indentations on our skin when we take the socks off but the damaged skin can be quite sore too.  These socks are particularly good if you suffer from diabetes or perhaps poor circulation!  So wearing socks specifically designed to incorporate a nice comfy soft top can be very beneficial.

If we take the original SoftopTM socks as an example, we’ll find that these are non-elasticated socks. These are manufactured in rather a unique way, using three relaxation panels. These panels, when put together, form the cosy soft top of the sock.  Hence perhaps the best soft top walking socks you can get!

Why choose only the best soft top walking socks?

Firstly think of the immediate health benefits. If you suffer from diabetes or poor circulation these socks can really help to make a difference! Secondly, think about comfort. For example, the HJ cotton-rich soft top sock offers added ventilation! It does this via its ventilated foot panel.

Ideally, it’s good to have socks that won’t cause irritation through rubbing. HJ’s soft-top socks are designed to contract vertically when worn, making sure that they stay up all day with little or no stress on your circulation.  Therefore it really is worthwhile seeking out the best soft top walking socks for you. It’s worth knowing too, that HJ’s non-elasticated socks are endorsed by the Institute of Chiropodists and Podiatrists, so you can’t go wrong!

Photo by Sebastian Palomino from Pexels

HJ’s Cotton-Rich Socks

These comfy socks are ideal for diabetics. Alongside the obvious non elastic top, they offer a ventilated foot bed and a flat seam linked toe area. They are produced from 65% cotton and 35% polyamide.  Available in a range of colours, you can merge comfort, health benefits and style all together, giving you the best soft top soft top walking socks!

HJ’s Wool-Rich Socks

These really are great socks! Being wool-rich, they will keep your feet warm during those cold spells but will allow your feet to breathe freely in warmer climes. Again, these are ideal for diabetics and are made from a mix of 60% wool and 40% polyamide.

Other HJ Soft Top Socks

In the Hj soft top range you can also choose from Bamboo super soft, Thermal heavy weight, Argyle wool, Sports cotton-rich or Herringbone cotton-rich, amongst others. Think of style, a selection of colours and patterns and, of course, comfort. All pointing to what are probably the best soft top walking socks out there?

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And Finally…..HJ’s Mountain Comfort Top Socks

At Cherry Tree Country Clothing, we are proud to stock the HJ Protrek Mountain Comfort Top socks! These really comfortable socks offer you the length that you might need, along with a wider soft top too!  However, whilst the tops are loose fitting, due to their fantastic design, these socks will stay up comfortably all day long as you enjoy your walk. These socks are also ideal for those who have wider calves!

Overall, the Mountain Comfort socks have many great benefits. They are cushioned in the right places and are insulated too.  In addition, they will help to support your foot’s arch area and are designed to grip your ankle comfortably as you walk. Further more, they are treated so as to reduce the risk of bacteria growth. This, in turn, minimises the risk of foot odour!  The Mountain Comfort socks are manufactured to offer comfort, style and durability.  They are available in a range of sizes and colours and they will certainly make a great gift for the hikers and walkers in your circle of family and friends!

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Well, hopefully the information above will help you to choose the best soft top walking socks for you. Or, if you prefer, perhaps you’ll go for the superb mountain comfort soft top socks! Either way, should you require any further tips, guidance or advice on any of our socks or indeed any of our other product ranges, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Happy Hiking!