Do you fancy a Harris Tweed cap but you’re not really sure which style to buy?  Well, if so, this guide can certainly help you by giving you a clear overview of the different styles and types of tweed hats that we have on offer at Cherry Tree Country Clothing!

You may well have heard about Harris Tweed British fabric, but maybe you’re not not too sure about its importance, popularity and history. Interestingly, for over 100 years, Harris Tweed has been a a very popular tweed fabric, regularly fashioned within the British culture.

Similarly, nowadays, this fabric remains popular with many celebrities showing evidence of this! For example Brad Pitt has been spotted on many an occasion wearing a classic Harris Tweed flat cap, whilst Gary Barlow often dons a three piece tweed suit. And we can’t forget TV’s ‘Dr. Who’ either, who has been viewed wearing a Harris Tweed jacket over many years, in his many different guises of course!

Incidentally, in an effort to ensure the authenticity of this wonderful fabric, all of our Harris Tweed caps have the ‘Orb of Authenticity’, label neatly stitched into the satin lining of the caps.

So, get that traditional country look with a Harris Tweed cap!

At Cherry Tree Country Clothing we have carefully selected a range of superbly made hats and caps made from fabric using a selection of Harris Tweed tones.  Take a look below:

1. The Baker Boy Cap

harris tweed baker boy cap

Arran Harris Tweed Baker Boy cap: Left: Herringbone, Middle: Green, Right: Gold

Also known as a newsboy cap, the Harris Tweed baker boy cap is the most popular style of country hat. Made from a unique 8 piece style and held together with a button on the vertex, this cap features a stiff peak. Further, these caps are very fashionable for both men and women!  This Arran Harris Tweed 8 piece cap also has a luxury satin inner lining making it very comfortable to wear. Plus, over time, the tweed fabric will soften and will begin to fit snugly on your head.

This style of Harris Tweed cap may be familiar to you, as nowadays many cab drivers like to wear them but right back in the 1920’s, these caps were very popular with dockworkers, steel workers, shipwrights, farmers and a range of other tradesmen alike!

So, today, the ‘baker boy’ cap is very popular as a fashion item and is very often seen in the main streets of London and even on the stage (e.g. As worn by Brian Johnson, AC/DC singer). Also, many gamekeepers prefer a baker boy cap because of its warm properties and comfort.

2. Flat Cap

harris tweed flat cap

Highland Harris Tweed Flat Cap: Left: Herringbone, Middle: Gold, Right: Grey

The Harris Tweed flat cap is a traditional style cap made with a stiff peak and a deep back, ideal for a great fit. Utilising the Harris Tweed fabric, together with a luxury satin inner lining, these flat caps are extremely comfortable to wear. Plus, due to the unique properties of this tweed fabric, it will easily take a light rain shower and will also retain heat –  helping to keep you warm and dry all day long!

Whilst traditionally known as a ‘farmers’ flat cap, recent fashion trends have definitely popularised this tweed flat cap which is now worn by many different people, in many different settings!

3. Baseball Cap

harris tweed baseball cap

Glencairn Harris Tweed Baseball Cap: Left: Brown, Middle: Gold, Right: Green

The traditional baseball cap was made famous by Babe Ruth, back when he was playing baseball in America. Today, baseball caps certainly are very popular and can be seen worn both on the field or on the high street. With many different styles and designs available, the Harris Tweed baseball cap is definitely worth considering. Featuring a suede/leather stiff peak and a leather back adjuster, this cap is just perfect for any occasion – be it formal or informal! Plus, due to its unique design, this cap fits any head size (within limits!)  It’s currently available in various tweed colours.

4. Deerstalker

hoggs of fife harris tweed deerstalker

Harris Tweed Deerstalker

The traditional deerstalker is well known for its country styling. Typically worn in rural areas during country sports such as hunting or shooting, this traditional deerstalker hat is made up of 6 panels (sometimes 8 ) with a button on the vertex, and also ear flaps (e.g. as  worn by Sherlock Holmes).

Alternatively (as pictured left) our Harris Tweed deerstalker hat is a referred to as a sportsman deerstalker hat, due to its narrow brim attached to the cap. This deerstalker hat is favoured by fisherman and country sportsman alike.

So, that’s our introduction to our different types and styles of Harris Tweed Caps. If you still fancy giving a Harris Tweed cap a try, then please do visit our website to view our full range of Harris Tweed caps here!