Have you thought about wearing country casuals when you are out and about pursuing your country activities or walking your dog?  Maybe you have but you’re not too sure how to put ‘that look’ together! Our suggestions below may give you plenty of inspiration to seek your own personalised country casual style.

Hoggs of Fife Country CasualsHoggs of Fife Country Casuals

Hoggs of Fife have a range of country casuals, ranging from moleskin trousers to waterproof tweed jackets. Hoggs of Fife is famous for designing top quality country clothing and, as an example, we have selected a perfect country casual look for men, using products from Hoggs of Fife’s countrywear product range.

As you can see in our picture, subtle colours are needed to achieve the country casual look. Colours such as olive, dark lovat or brown are perfect! Bright, bold colours may result in you ‘standing out’ from the crowd –  but perhaps a bit too much!  The numbers you see on the model’s clothing in our first picture relate to the following:

  1. Poly/Cotton Tattersall Shirts £15.00
  2. Ghillie Fleece Jacket £60.00
  3. Monarch Moleskin Trousers £46.00
  4. Leather Belt £15.00
  5. Stirling Brogue Shoes £140.00
  6. Brogue Socks £7.00 

To achieve the country casual look, a tattersal (or check) shirt is a must! Farmers, horse riders and many others out in the country enjoy wearing check shirts. The main reason for this is they are warm and they wash well. The Hoggs of Fife poly/cotton country check shirts are soft and ‘brushed’, so they feel nice and cosy against your skin. Made from 65% polyester and 35% cotton, these shirts are machine washable at 40o  –  so no worries – throw them in the wash!  These shirts are available in various sizes, colours and ‘checks’.

Hoggs of Fife Monarch Moleskin TrousersThe Hoggs of Fife Monarch II moleskin trousers are perfect as country casuals. Made from heavyweight 100% cotton moleskin fabric, these trousers are sure to last!  They are available in various country colours, waist sizes and leg lengths. A leather belt is always useful to hold them up and also offers that extra bit of style!

For extra warmth, give the Ghillie II padded waterproof fleece jacket a try. This jacket has been designed with the countryman in mind – it is robust and suitable for all weathers. Alternatively, try the Hoggs of Fife Huntly Prestige knitted jacket. This jacket has been designed and manufactured to provide a high level of thermal insulation. This jacket is made from heavyweight, durable, tight-knitted polyester – and a big plus is that it is machine washable!

Hoggs of Fife Stirling Brogue ShoeTo complete the country casual look you could do a lot worse than a pair of traditional brogue shoes. The Stirling brogue shoe by Hoggs of Fife was traditionally an outdoor country shoe and not considered to be a casual shoe. However, today, all types of brogues can be seen on the high street and, in fact, anywhere at all!

The Stirling shoe is a full brogue (or wingtip) meaning the toe cap is pointed with extensions (or wings) along both sides of the toe, giving a classy, casual look. The Stirling is a bench-made shoe, using a mustang leather construction, with leather insole and welting. It’s worth noting that leather lined shoes are more comfortable and cooler to wear as the leather itself will breathe. The Stirling shoe is elegant, beautiful and striking when worn, and is highly recommended!

An ideal sock for wearing with brogues is the traditional brogue sock. Made from 80%Hoggs of Fife Brogue Socks merino wool, 10% polyamide and 1% elastane, these socks are very warm, comfortable and durable, and so are ideal for those cold winter days! With a soft grip top,these socks won’t slip down or cut into your ankles.

So, if you are looking for your perfect country casuals outfit, it may be of benefit to think about the Hoggs of Fife Countrywear collection – stylish, elegant and practical!

Go on, don’t miss out …take a look!