Maybe you enjoy daily, regular walks or perhaps you venture out into the elements just now and again.  Well, whichever category you fall into, do take a look at the clouds above you next time you’re out and about. Yes, make your judgement about how far to walk based upon ‘walker weather’!   

What the clouds might tell us!

It’s no surprise that there are many different types of cloud up there but what might they actually tell us? Rightly so, we often take the time to admire the beautiful views when out walking but how often do we really scrutinise the clouds? Below are just a few cloud formations to keep an eye on, with regard to walker weather:

Cirrus Clouds

When we look up at a cirrus cloud’s base it is estimated to be 20,000 feet up in the sky.  These clouds will initially appear as thin, wispy, feathery cloud formations and often the ‘frontal wisps’ of these clouds will point in the direction in which the wind is blowing.

Interestingly, a sky filled with cirrus clouds might well be indicating a turn for the worse in the weather. So, make sure you’re prepared for your walker weather should this happen.  For example a nice breathable, waterproof and windproof jacket will keep you protected. Here at Cherry Tree Country Clothing, we’d recommend a Hoggs of Fife Glenmore or a Baleno Chelsea jacket, amongst others:

The Hoggs of Fife Glenmorehoggs of fife glenmore jacket

This superb jacket is ideal when out and about. It has a useful detachable hood, a storm flap and many other great features. It is available in Dark Olive, in sizes S to XXL.

The Baleno Chelsea
Baleno Chelsea Coat

Baleno Chelsea Coat

A truly wonderful jacket that looks great and boasts many useful features too!  It has a handy storm flap and a fully lined hood.  You can get this fantastic jacket in an Earth Brown colour in sizes S to XXL.

Nimbostratus Clouds

With its base between 6,000 to 20,000 feet above the ground, this cloud formation will be of a darkish/grey colour.  When you see these flat but layered clouds on the horizon, be warned that it’s likely you can expect some heavy rain showers or even snowfall!  So, when the sun suddenly disappears from view, some wet and colder weather is likely to land upon us!

To stay warm, dry and comfortable should you get caught out, you could think about the following:

The Field Sport Neoprene wellington

hoggs of fife field sport neoprene wellingtons

With a lovely lining for that additional warmth, these really are comfy wellies! They have an adjustable strap and come in sizes 5 to 11 in Green.

The Goodyear LochGoodyear Loch wellington boot

This is a very attractive welly in Blue with a smart Fuschia detail.  These have an adjustable strap, a lovely warm 4mm neoprene lining and a useful padded insole.  They are available in sizes 36 to 42.

Cumulus clouds

You’ll find the base of this cloud will be approximately 6.500 feet above us!  These clouds are often described as being of a puffy, cauliflower-like appearance, and even though thay may give us the odd shower, they usually indicate that some nice weather is ahead.

With the arrival of pleasant walker weather, some cooler protective clothing and footwear will be ideal.  So, you might want to consider the following:

The Beaufort Jacket

This lovely hip length jacket made by Target Dry offers great comfort but looks superb too!  It’s many useful features include a quilted lining. It’s available in a trendy ‘Sunset’ colour and comes in sizes 8 to 16.

The Kincraig Waterproof Trousers

Well, these trousers really do speak for themselves!  They are very comfy, soft, practical, stylish and they offer protection too! They come in sizes S to XXL in a nice Olive Green colour.

The Quatro Walking ShoeGrisport Quatro Walking Boot

Take a look at these!  These are just great whatever the elements or conditions throw at you!  The design of these fantastic walking boots ensure your ankles are looked after really well as you’re walking. They are available in Brown, in sizes 36 to 47 ( Size 3 to 13).

The Munro Hiking Boot

hoggs of fife munro walking boot

Not to be missed! These quality boots offer many fantastic features and are very comfy and great looking too!  They are available in sizes 4 to 12 in Brown.

And finally …where do clouds actually come from?

Mmm, it’s quite fascinating to think that clouds are just ‘there’ suspended high up in the sky!  So, where do they come from and how do they get there? (Incidentally fog and mist are simply examples of low cloud!)  Well, if you consider a mammoth collection of extremely small water droplets are drawn together from the ground and are then suspended in the air around us, you’ll have a cloud!  The same can be said of very small ice crytals that formulate in the air and then rise up to form a cloud!  So quite simple explanations really!

So there you have it, it seems that walker weather is something us keen walkers need to think about. Sometimes just by observing the clouds above, we can make the right judgement about what to wear.

Should you need any more information about any of the products mentioned above – or any of the others in our range – then please do make contact with us. We’ll always be happy to advise!

Happy weather walking!