Whether this is your first game fair or your twentieth one there are always some new hints and tips you can pick up! Trust me, if it is your first game fair….it won’t be your last one – you’ll be hooked!

What you should do at Game Fairs

Do consider the weather before you set out, remember sun cream and midge repellent if it is supposed to be nice or dry weather and don’t forget a waterproof jacket.

Do arrive early! Especially if you want a good parking space – you don’t want to waste time admiring the number plate of the vehicle in front of you! You may also want to get signed up for the shooting, fishing etc.

Do remember where you parked your car! You may want to jot some notes down in your phone!

grisport rogue shoesDo wear comfortable shoes that are easy to walk in – you will be on your feet for a while!

Semi plan your day, especially for the larger game fairs- you don’t want to want to miss anything you like!

Game fairs have a wonderful array of local food and drink providers, do make sure you take a wonder round tHoggs of Fife Ghillie Fleece Jackethe stalls and sample the different products.

Game fairs can be pretty pricey so perhaps consider taking a picnic, especially if you do not have miles to walk- you can leave it in the car until you need it. Don’t forget a picnic blanket and perhaps some chairs.

Remember to take enough money, just in case there are no cash machines or they are not working for some reason or another.

Do Interact with the stall holders but don’t hassle them too much for a bargain.

Do rethink taking your pooch(es) with you, unless wee Archie is going to be partaking in an event. They can become very dehydrated and irritated and you might not want to take it if its heat!!

Most importantly, do not take the dog if it is just going to stay in the vehicle as it is not fair on the dog, especially in warmer weather. If you do take the dog into the grounds, make sure it can behave around other dogs and people of ALL ages.

Do have a go at something new, you never know what new hobby may arise from it. Whether it is casting a fly, shooting some clays, sampling some food or drink, just try it!

Do be patient and give yourself plenty of time for leaving as everyone will be leaving at the same time.

Do rock out those tweeds and wax garments you have been itching to wear! If there is an occasion, this is it! Take a look at game fair fashionista guide! Do remember a small bag for sunnies, wallet and minor purchases.

What you shouldn’t do at Game Fairs

Don’t be a lout, try and keep the place tidy- remember there will also be animals and small children about.

Don’t feel bad about letting your other half go off and wonder on their own for a bit…especially if you are wishing to spend the day shooting or browsing the stalls longer. You will meet some of the best casting champions, shooters, keepers, stalkers and country artists…be prepared…conversations can amount to an hour… at least!

Don’t give into impulse buys or within a few hours of arriving…think on it! You also may want to save the heavy shopping for the end….otherwise you could end up looking like a packhorse!

Don’t spend the whole day in the beer tent, for one you won’t be able to walk and secondly, there is so much to see and do.

Don’t forget your wellies! Never mind if the weather is sunny, it is the UK after all! Take a pair of welly boots just in case – You can always leave them in the car! Trust me, they are the number one item you want when it starts raining. Rain = Mud and you won’t be in short supply of it!!

AND….most importantly….Don’t forget to have a good time!!!