Isn’t it surprising how many times you hear people say that there’s just ‘rubbish’ on TV nowadays! Well, that said, there are of course some really good programmes to be watched, when and as time allows, if you flick carefully through all the channels!

Take for example the BBC’s “Escape to the Country” TV series. One episode in particular involved the camera crew visiting a very popular tweed mill in Hawick, which is located within the beautiful Scottish Borders.

Harwick is often referred to as the ‘Home of Tweed’ and indeed the textile industry has been a focus on the Scottish Borders for many a year. In fact, dating back to the 1990s the Lovat Mill, situated on the banks of the River Teviot in Hawick has played a major part in using tweed in the design of country and outdoor clothing.

tweed fabricLovat Mill is co-owned by Alan Cumming and Stephen Rendle and, with 21 employees, the mill produces about 190 different tweeds, such as Wetminster and Devonshire. On the BBC’s programme presenter Alistair Appleton interviewed Stephen Rendle who portrayed an interesting story about where the word “Tweed” originates from. It transpires that historically a Harwick mill owner by the name of Willie Watson sent a consignment of tweeds to London and there, a worker misread the letter “L” in the word “tweels” believing it to be the letter “d”. Consequently, when the worker next re-ordered a consignment from Willie Watson, they asked for bails of tweeds rather than bails of tweels! The word “tweed” was kept and soon become the accepted word within the industry.

It is reported that landowners, Estates and regiments alike have chosen to use tweed for centuries now and, of course, each tweed is produced with its own unique pattern and design. As Stephen Rendle explained on the programme, traditionally each mill had its own colours which he described as “very much the DNA of each individual mill”. He further explained that bright colours are mixed together and then spun into a yarn which in turn, becomes tweed!

Later in the programme co-owner of Lovat Mill, Alan Cumming, invited a delighted Alistair Appleton (BBC presenter) to collect a specially made “Escape to the Country” tweed cloth as a momentum of the BBC’s visit!

This was a very interesting feature, particularly for fans of country and outdoor clothing wherever you may be. So, you can see, when someone says “there’s only rubbish on TV nowadays” tell them to persevere as often there are great bits and pieces when we just take the time to find them!

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