Well, 31st May 2014 was officially our first exhibit at a dog show!

It was an early start on the damp Saturday morning of May 31st, 2014! We needed to make sure our own two dogs were going to be happy,(as they would be staying indoors for the first part of the morning, until our dog sitter arrived), and we then needed to pack our estate cars with our stock and display stands before making packed lunches for our fantastic staff!  Well, as it turned out, there were no major hiccups, with our staff waiting to be picked up on time, as promised, and the roads nice and quiet. We all had a very enjoyable journey to Llangollen!

We arrived at the venue, the Llangollen Pavilion, at 8.30am, where it was already very busy! Many different breeds of dogs were running around getting their exercise before the competitions began and there were other stall holders setting up, getting ready for the day.

We were directed to where we would exhibit our goods and we then had the mammoth task of carrying everything from our vehicles to our pitch.

DSC00855Eventually we had everything displayed as we wanted it! As you can see from the pictures, we took a range of ‘dog’ related items including our ‘Classic Canes’ Dog Head canes, Dog design bags, waterproof tweed jackets, gaiters and a whole lot more! Of course, there was a lot more we could have taken to dispaly but we were quite limited in space.

Cherry Tree Country Clothing at Ruthin Canine Society Dog ShowOur staff were very enthusiastic and ready for work!



During the quieter periods, we took it in turns to watch the competitions. Now, we do of course love all breeds of dogs but, obviously, we were particularly interested in how the Beagles were getting on. (especially as we had left our two Beagles at home with the dog sitter!).  The Beagle in the picture below won ‘Reserve Best in Show’ – fantastic!

DSC00881DSC00904All in all, It was a very productive day!  For us, it was an excellent opportunity to network with dog owners and traders alike – and, of course, we were introduced to many lovely dogs throughout the day!

Although a very tiring day, we all enjoyed the experience very much and we certainly enjoyed working with the Ruthin Canine Society!

So, “Thank you” …….and our very best wishes to all concerned!

Check out our ‘best bits’ of the Ruthin Canine Society Dog Show below