Crisp mornings

Anatom Braemar Shoe

Anatom Q1 Braemar Walking Shoe

While you may be pining for the long, fair days of summer, there is something supremely satisfying about crisp winter mornings. Shimmering frost covered lawns, fir leaves dusted with ice glistening in the bright mid morning sun, quiet morning moments when the only thing stirring is your breath in the nippy air.

This time of year is perfect to step into the great outdoors whether you’re a fan of photography and in search of the perfect picture, heading for the hills for some headspace or just off for a wee wander. Whatever your venture, make sure you’re kitted out with the right footwear; the Anatom Walking Boot is a great all rounder – lightweight, durable, supportive and made using the finest Italian full grain leather.


Plummeting temperatures mean we can afford to add a few layers to our outdoor-wear ensemble. This can only mean good news – time to treat ourselves to a new jacket or fleece perhaps? Key to being comfortable outdoors in winter is ensuring your clothing will keep you warm AND dry. The best way to make sure you achieve comfort in the cooler winter months is layering. We’ve got the perfect collection to allow you to take layering to the next level. Our favourite winter warmers have got you covered from head to toe – from base layers to the extremities.

It’s important to start with solid foundations and we recommend the Craft Pro Zone Crew Neck Base Layer – breathable comfort, temperature control and an ergonomic fit make this the ideal technical base layer for any outdoor lifestyle. Your outer layer is what shields you from the elements and stops heat escaping so choose wisely. The Percussion Normandie Jacket is one to consider; it’s waterproof, windproof and breathable, has a range of pockets, removable inner gilet and detachable game bag. The perfect companion for a day out shooting, working or a leisurely stroll.

Percussion Jackets

Percussion Normandie Jacket

Keep it cosy

Angora Socks

Mohair Woodlander Socks

Embracing cosiness over winter is a must if you ask us. Snoozing under a blanket, sitting round the fire drinking hot chocolate, burning scented candles, festive films on the goggle-box – you get the idea! Amongst the most cosy of clothing has to be socks. Keep your feet warm and comfortable with the Woodlander Mohair Sock – whether you are taking part in field sports, gardening or walking, the knee length design with cushioned sole, reinforced heel and ribbed leg offers the ultimate level of cosiness when it comes to socks.

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Shorter days

While the shorter days that autumn and winter bring mean it’s harder to spend time outside, they also mean we can enjoy some time inside without feeling guilty for not being outdoors soaking up some Vitamin D and fresh air! Make the most of your time inside by doing chores which you haven’t had time to so far this year like re-waterproofing clothing and footwear. We stock an array of clothing care products to suit all manner of outdoor-wear and equipment.

The Shooting Season

hoggs of fife struther smock

Hoggs of Fife Struther Smock

The best of the shooting season of course! Winter is a key season in the countryside calendar and we are well into the shooting season by the time it makes an appearance. The Glorious Twelfth is a distant memory! Some of the best shoot days are had in the colder months when the ground is hard, there’s festive cheer in the air and everyone is looking forward to a hearty game pie to follow.

Whether you’re beating, picking up, a gamekeeper or one of the guns, shooting is best enjoyed when you are kitted out correctly. For practicality, comfort and style, you can’t go wrong with a smock; this fully waterproof Hoggs of Fife Struther smock will do just the job. If you are already stocked up on clothing for this season, why not check out our selection of shooting gifts which are the perfect present to pick up for any shooting fanatic.