Are you looking for gaiters for big calves? Do you have difficulty in finding gaiters to fit your large or very muscular calves? Well, the Snolock ‘big calf’ gaiters, may be just what you are looking for!

You may find that regular nylon, waterproof and breathable gaiters, such as the Hoggs of Fife Green King gaiters, whilst a very good product, may not stretch around your calves or maybe they fit just a little bit too snuggly!  The Snolock big calf gaiters however, have an extra 5cm of heavy duty fabric added to the calf area, offering a circumference measurement of 50cm, resulting in a comfortable fit for any leg!

The Snolock gaiter are perfect for all types of country pursuits, whether it be hill walking, hiking, beating or mountaineering!

Gaiters for Big Calves

Snolock gaiters are made from 12oz cotton duck fabric, which is durable, breathable and waterproof. These gaiters are great for walking through snow, muddy paths or wet grass, and the tough fabric will prevent brambles and nettles from scratching your boots – and will help to protect your ankles!  The ‘perfect gift’ for any huntsman!

Gaiters for Big Calves

Features of gaiters for big calves

With a full length zip at the rear, these gaiters are easy to put on and pull off, plus, with double stitching all round, they will keep you dry and comfortable all day long! Although a bit stiff when new, these gaiters will soon soften and will offer you many years of service.

Fitted with elastic at the ankle and a soft proof cuff at the top, to give you comfort, these gaiters for big calves are just great for everyday wear!

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