Grisport walking boots and shoes guarantee quality

Through extensive research and the use of a highly technical computer system that simulates the walking experience, Grisport walking boots are guaranteed to be comfortable straight from the box.

In 1977, a new brand of footwear was born! Based In Italy, at the foot of the Dolomite mountains, Grisport is a company that has grown year on year, by focusing on innovation, research and development in order to please its customers. This has resulted in it becoming one of Europe’s leading boot and shoe manufacturers. By utilising its own patented techniques and quality materials, including top-of-the-range Italian leathers, it manufactures high-performing technical footwear, suitable for many varied activities!

Grisport’s mission is ‘ Comfort First, Forever‘!  Each year the manufacturing team carries out extensive testing to create the most comfortable and safe footwear.

Listed below are the lengths that Grisport goes to, to ensure it produces quality and comfortable footwear at all times:

  • it uses oiled cow grain leather, to ensure resistance to wear and tear which, in turn, provides a good degree of stretch and is easy to clean and reproof
  • it uses a unique waterproof welded ‘bootie’ construction, that offers insulation and water-proofed qualities which are better than any other leading makes
  • extensive tests are carried out on abrasion resistance and the durability of the material
  • the waterproof membranes including Spotex and Sympatex membranes are tested in Grisport’s own labs to guarantee the necessary standards of waterproofing and breathability protection, as set by British Standards
  • every batch of footwear is subjected to extensive testing for durability and quality
  • it takes customer feedback very seriously

Grisport uses top quality materials

Grisport’s walking boots, shoes and safety footwear have been designed using a range of quality materials. Listed below are the key materials used:


Grisport has worked closely with “Vibram”, to design a sole unit that offers maximum performance, comfort and durability. Strict testing is carried out to ensure quality. For example –  Grisport Everest Boot


A Gritex membrane offers resistance to rain and snow and offers great protection against the cold. To guarantee warm and cosy feet on the dampest and coldest of days, choose a Grisport boot with a Gritex membrane. For example –  Grisport Java Walking Shoe


A waterproof and breathable membrane that protects your feet from the cold and rain, but allows your feet to breath. For example –  Grisport Kielder Walking Shoe

Support System

A unique and effective heel locking system that has been designed to get perfect control of your foot during all phases of movement. Ensures your feet remain comfortable and secure with a support system boot. For example –  Grisport Quatro BootGrisport Heel Locking System

Cordura Lining

A quality inner lining that is resistant to tear and puncture which ensures many years of enjoyment.


A SympaTex membrane is a highly waterproof and breathable lining that is sewn in between the outer material (i.e. leather or fabric) and the lining of the footwear. Keep your feet 100% dry and comfortable all day. For example –  Grisport Avenger Boot


Only top quality leather is used to produce Grisport boots and shoes, this is essential to Grisport’s success. A good quality leather ensures breathability, performance and comfort. For example –  Grisport Ranger Boot

Grisport Waterproof Construction

Grisport has designed a unique method to guarantee that its footwear will be waterproofed. The design includes:

  1. SpoTex and SympaTex membranes that are made using a special designed process, to make the footwear highly breathable, whilst offering lasting waterproof protection
  2. The use of a welded bootie construction, with taped seams, to guarantee insulation
  3. All materials are tested for maximum waterproofing qualities and minimum absorption

New features of Grisport’s walking boots

  1. Easy lace fastening – to ensure you get an optimal fit
  2. Jointed Tongue (or bellowed tongue) – a padded foam rubber that is waterproof and breathable to ensure comfort and stability
  3. Leather collar – which offers great comfort and movement around the ankle
  4. Steel hooks – to reduce lacing problems and ensure that the laces last longer
  5. Protective Toe Guard – an ‘abrasion-proof; guard, to prevent rocks from damaging the front toe area
  6. Triple Density Vibram Sole – guaranteeing a comfortable walk
  7. Protective toecap – greater protection against rocks, stones and ground impact

We hope you find the above helpful and, in summary, it’s true to say that Grisport offers everything you need to ensure safe, comfortable and enjoyable walking!

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