Whether out walking the hills with your dog or maybe working in the garden, a pair of Grisport shoes will certainly keep your feet comfortable all day long!

Utilising the latest manufacturing techniques and top performing materials and fabrics, these shoes have been made to give comfort, style and durability.

Since 1977, Grisport shoes and boots have been manufactured in Italy at the foot of the Dolomite mountains. With Grisport’s main focus being upon innovation, along with ‘Research and Development’, there has been great success in bringing you the very best footwear, all at affordable prices!

Grisport Shoes - HamiltonSo, at Cherry Tree Country Clothing (and our sister company Clwyd Army & Navy Stores) we have been supplying Grisport footwear for over 10 years now. During this time, we have seen how the brand has evolved into a superior quality brand that meets the demands and wants of its customers and we really do have confidence when supplying these fantastic boots and shoes.

Since we started supplying this brand, we have seen many of our customers returning to buy a second or even third spare pair, and in many cases actually demanding to have the exact same style, as they can’t fault them! In fact, we have experienced many customers being rather annoyed or upset, when they find out that their favourite boot or shoe has been discontinued by Grisport as, from time to time, Grisport may update its range!

But how can Grisport shoes and boots be so comfortable?

Well, as a result of extensive research, Grisport has been able to manufacture footwear that built around your feet. This ergonomic shape has been designed specifically to adapt to any type of foot. We have had many customers feeding back that they fit like slippers, because they are so comfortable – straight out of the box!  In fact, very little ‘breaking in’ will be needed with so many of the Grisport shoes and boots range. (Although this is actually recommended, especially if you have a long hike ahead of you!)

Over the year’s, many of our customers have informed us that their feet over-heat in other brands of boots and shoes when out walking, which can result in aching, painful feet. Well, Grisport footwear has a solution for this! The insoles in every shoe (and boot) are made from felt, which makes them highly breathable, able to absorb sweat and quick drying. These anatomic insoles are bonded with microfibre to guarantee comfort, stability and resistance to abrasion. Plus these insoles are removable and replaceable!

Below is a table of just some of the Grisport shoes that are available, together with a list of the key features for each. To find out more about the specific technology used in these shoes, please read on!

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Also, below you will find additional information about the fabrics and technology used in the Grisport footwear range:

SpoTex Membrane

A SpoTex membrane is an inner lining in the shoe that is waterproof and breathable. This invisible inner lining will protect your feet from the cold and rain, but allows moisture to escape, such as sweat – allowing your feet to breath!

GriTex Membrane

A GriTex membrane is a waterproof inner lining. This liner offers resistance to wet conditions and protects against the cold. Therefore if you are looking for an all year round shoe or boot that may be worn in damp conditions, then choose a Grisport shoe with aGriTex membrane.


A Sympatex membrane is a waterproof, breathable and windproof inner lining. This invisible liner will keep your feet dry and comfortable all day long!

Active Air

An Active Air sole unit is a unique design featuring six layers to ensure that every step is cushioned and comfortable. For more information about the active air sole unit please click here.

Vibram Rubber Sole

A Vibram rubber sole is a high tech sole unit designed to offer grip, stability, traction and it’s long lasting. For more information about the Vibram technology please visit the Vibram website.

5 Layer Sole Unit

The Grisport 5 layer sole unit is a design featuring five layers. This unique construction will guarantee comfort and durability. For more information please view our Grisport Boots Five Layer Sole Unit guide.

To view our full collection of Grisport shoes please visit our website. If you need any further information or advice on this collection, or any of our other brands, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01978 437029.

Here’s wishing you a very happy and comfortable time when you’re out and about, enjoying yourself outdoors!