Are you looking for a windproof umbrella?

I’m sure almost everyone, at some time, has experienced the ‘inside out umbrella’ stance! Maybe you remember standing on a pavement, soaked through, grasping at the remains of your trusty umbrella, which has been reduced to a bent metal handle, with shreds of nylon material simply dangling from it!  Well, in the trade, this is known as the ‘inside out umbrella stance’!!

So, whether out in the Park, or outdoors in the countryside or perhaps even on your way to work, what you really don’t want is an umbrella that fails on you – just at that all important crucial time!

Imagine that you’re outdoors and the wind suddenly ‘gets up’ and takes over. It can easily turn your umbrella inside – out, leaving you exposed to a rain or hail storm, leaving you and your clothes soggy and wet!  Indeed, not the best way to enjoy your day!

So…introducing the GustBuster windproof umbrella. With this superb product, there’ll be no more ‘inside out’ stances for you  – and no more taking cover in a bus shelter while you wait for the wind to ease off!  Be prepared and make sure you have a GustBuster umbrella in your bag.

The GustBuster Windproof Umbrella

The unique double canopy design of the GustBuster umbrella has been designed to withstand high winds. Expert testing, as conducted by the College of Aeronautics, has proven that these windproof umbrellas will withstand gusty winds of 55 mph – plus!

With an exclusive raindrop shaped design, this umbrella has several wind release vents, all of which help the umbrella to keep its shape, even in really stormy weather!


This fantastic umbrella is currently available in two different size types, namely the Classic Windproof Umbrella or, alternatively, the Metro Umbrella. The exclusive patented design certainly offers you the protection you really need.

Features of the GustBuster Classic Umbrellagustbuster windproof umbrella

As well as offering wind protection, the design team has also carefully considered the opening and closing system of the umbrella. The Classic windproof umbrella has an automatic opening system for speed and convenience but also offers a manual opening if preferred.

The shaft is produced from reinforced and  lightweight fibreglass which, importantly, is lightning resistant! There are also re-inforced lightweight fiberglass ‘ribs’ designed to eliminate crimping and snapping when out in the elements . Plus, with a natural classic curved hardwood ‘J’ handle, this is an elegant, good looking accessory, suitable for just about any occasion.

Even members of the Royal Family have been spotted using a GustBuster Umbrella (see image below)


The GustBuster Metro Umbrella

metro_black_umb_sheathIt’s sometimes good to carry an umbrella ready for when ‘on the go’!  Perhaps to be used as an ’emergency solution’ to sudden wayward weather, when caught out walking to work, college or school. The GustBuster Metro is an ideal lightweight yet strong umbrella, complete with a sheath, enabling it to be carried easily over your shoulder or perhaps in a briefcase.

The award winning double canopy design offers the same great protection as the Classic Umbrella but on a smaller scale. With a 43″ canopy,   hardened steel hexagonal ribs along with a reinforced shaft and comfort-grip handle, this folding Metro windproof umbrella is just great when darting about town.

The GustBuster Umbrella is suitable for any occasion, for example playing golf.  In fact, many GustBuster umbrellas are often spotted being put to use on many golf courses and indeed was noticable at the tournament of the The Solheim Cup – one of the most prestigious international events in women’s professional golf!

So, before venturing out into the elements again, maybe think about how you can walk through those gusty winds with confidence – happy in your mind that your GustBuster windproof umbrella is going do what it really should do…..offer you that all important protection!

Be safe, comfortable and dry, and enjoy your times outdoors!