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There are many health benefits for the whole family when out walking and hiking. The government recommended daily health statistics state that adults should be walking 10,000 steps every day to remain healthy!

Explore our health benefits guides below:

How to make the most of ‘wellbeing’ – outdoors

It might be topical right now, but have you really stopped to think how outdoor activities can help you with your general wellbeing? Read on… Be active! Don’t let this seem like a chore! Once you get out in the… Continue Reading →

10 top tips on how to make the most out of your weekends!

Weekends are precious, you should want to make the most of them! For lots of people the weekend is their motivator to get them through the week. However half the time they are wasted or they do not live up… Continue Reading →

How to get healthy – Fresh air versus the Gym!

From time to time, we probably all reflect on our lifestyles and ponder just how to get healthy! For some its regular visits to the Gym, while for others it might be a review of diets, vices or other forms… Continue Reading →

No Really… Escape to the Countryside

Emotions and thoughts of being in the countryside! At Cherry Tree Country Clothing it’s not unusual for our customers to comment on the BBC’s Escape to the Country programme, often suggesting it is their dream to find their ideal location… Continue Reading →

Outdoor health – Just how effective is your time spent outdoors?

The seasons of Spring, Summer and Autumn (and even those calm, crisp winter days) offer many opportunities to get out and about in the Countryside. Indeed we will have a chance to take in some fresh air, get some health… Continue Reading →

Is Child Obesity due to lack of exercise?

Alarmingly, recent statistics suggest that there is an increase in child obesity within the UK, attributed, in part at least, to a lack of good old- fashioned exercise and outdoor play! Once upon a time, typical Christmas or Birthday gifts… Continue Reading →

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