As 2015 begins, it’s certainly been snowy, cold, wet or damp, for many of us at least!  So, perhaps now is the ideal time to take a look at our new exciting range of country clothing and footwear products from Hoggs of Fife.

This superb 2015 collection includes a new Fieldpro Neoprene wellington, which is just perfect for shooting, dog walking or simply just for those rainy days outdoors, and there is also a fantastic new mens tweed collection, which has been introduced to replace what was previously known as the ‘Falkland tweeds’.  Below, we go into a little more detail about some of the fantastic products that we believe can help to keep you warm, safe, dry and comfortable, all day long…. whilst still looking stylish and smart!

Hoggs of Fife Glenfinnan Tweed WaistcoatNew Shooting Tweeds by Hoggs of Fife

Rightly so, hunters, shooters and farmers are demanding more and more from their tweeds in terms of comfort, warmth, style and practicality. The new Glenfinnan tweed collection from Hoggs of Fife has been designed and manufactured to meet all of these demands and needs.

Choosing the right shooting clothing can help to make you feel like you ‘belong’ in the field and make your work easier. Making the right choice is important to ensure your attire becomes ‘a set of working tools’ rather than just individual pieces of clothing put together!

Listed below are some of our own customers demands and expectations and we have provided an explanation of how we think this new tweed collection may help to meet these demands and expectations:

Your demandsHow the Glenfinnan meets this demand
Stay warm and dry for longerThe Glenfinnan tweed jacket is fully waterproof and windproof. It also has a breathable membrane to help regulate your body temperature, preventing you from over-heating and sweating. This unique breathable membrane allows body sweat to escape through the material but prevents rain and wind from getting through.

The Glenfinnan cap is also fully waterproof

The breeks are fully lined for warmth and comfort

The jacket is a generous size to allow for plenty of layers to be worn underneath
You need plenty fo pockets to carry your essentials such as cartridges, tools, knives, multi tools, game and much moreThe Glenfinnan jacket and waistcoat have been designed with two large bellows pockets (iwht draining holes and retaining straps for easy access), and 2 chest hand-warmer pockets. The shooting jacket is also equipped with a poachers pocket and internal zip pocket
I need plenty of movement in the shouldersThe Glenfinnan jacket has been designed using a Raglan sleeve design. This offers ease of movement. Check out our guide on the Raglan sleeve or set in sleeve on a shooting jacket
I have a very excitable gun dog who loves to jump up and leave all sorts of dribble, mud and water on my clothingFor added rain and stain protection the Glenfinnan collection is Teflon coated. This extra protection prevents stains and water from penetrating the fabric. As a result stains and water 'pearl up' and roll off the fabric.
I don't like to wear a shooting jacket as it can be restrictive sometimesInstead, you could wear a Glenfinnan waistcoat which offers similar features to the jacket. It is designed with large bellows pockets, retaining straps and drainage holes. It also has two chest hand-warmer pockets and a moleskin collar. It's fitted with a two way brass zip for comfort and ease of movement.
I want to feel like 'one of the group'Hoggs of Fife spends a considerable amount of time researching into shooting fashion. As a result, Hoggs has designed a four piece Glenfinnan shooting suit that will blend in with today's fashion.

Feel free to check out our product review video below:

To view the full Glenfinnan Tweed collection click here.

Multi functional country clothing

Hoggs of Fife products are very suitable for many different situations and occasions.  WhethHoggs Kelso Knitted Jacketer you are an avid shooter, horse rider, farmer, dog walker or you simply just like the ‘country’ look, then Hoggs has many products that you will find comfortable, stylish and practical.

The Kelso Knitted Jacket

The new Kelso knitted jacket is a lightweight country sportsman blouson (meaning the jacket is drawn tight at the waistband, enabling the material to ‘blouse’ out and hang over the waistband). This is a very stylish knitted jacket that will definitely help to keep you warm and it is simply ideal for all those who enjoy the great outdoors!

This jacket has a ‘tight knitted’ polyester shell fabric that supplies much needed thermal insulation when out in the elements and, as it is also wind resistant, it truly is an ideal garment when visiting those open and exposed locations.  This is an extremely smart jacket that can simply be worn as a main item or, alternatively, it can be worn as ‘layering’ under a shooting coat. As you can see from the picture, the Kelso jacket looks just great when worn with a pair of moleskin trousers and a tattersall shirt.

Please view our product review video on the Kelso knitted jacket below:

Field Sport Neoprene-Lined Wellington

Field Sport Neoprene WellingtonThis luxury handmade country wellington is ideal as a shooting wellie, a dog walking wellie or a farmers wellie! Made from superior quality rubber, this field boot has a 4mm high density durable neoprene lining that offers great warmth and comfort. The Field sport wellington, from Hoggs of Fife, has an XS Trek Vibram sole unit. This outsole unit offers both fantastic traction and comfort and this makes it a perfect item for mountain climbing and hill walking. The multi-traction lugs offers enhanced traction and grip!

If your job is demanding and you are standing on hard surfaces, or on muddy grounds for a long period of time, then try the Hoggs of Fife Field Sport Neoprene -lined wellington. Great comfort, great fit, great support and long laHoggs Luxury Hunting Shirtsting!

Luxury Hunting Shirt

A superior quality hunting shirt, this luxury item is made from 100% flannel cotton, and really does ‘look the part’ when worn with a pair of jeans. A generous size shirt, with a long tail, this garment is made from 170gms brushed cotton.

With over 125 years experience in the industry, Hoggs of Fife still continues to design, manufacture and supply outstanding high quality products that are suitable for any country or outdoor activity.  At Cherry Tree Country Clothing, we are very proud to offer our customers many items from the ever expanding range of Hoggs of Fife products.

We wish you many happy times outdoors!