Hoggs of Fife is an organisation that designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of top quality country clothing, a stylish range of footwear, great fieldsport essentials and, of course, the necessary complementary accessories.

Hoggs of Fife first opened its doors in 1888, initially concentrating solely on the manufacture of country footwear. As years have gone by, through extensive market and industry research, this organisation has developed itself further and now offers a truly comprehensive range of country clothing and footwear!

At Cherry Tree Country Clothing we offer an extensive range of Hoggs of Fife’s clothing, boots and accessories and we believe in the quality, functionality and durability of the products available from this supplier. Currently we are offering FREE UK mainland postage and packaging when you spend £75.00 or more!

Hoggs’s main aim and purpose is to offer quality products that are fit for purpose and give value for money!

Hoggs of Fife Clothing

This manufacturer offers an extensive range of tweed jackets, matching waistcoats, breeks and hats for both men and women. Using the latest technology, it now produces quality clothing that is definitely fit for purpose, comfortable and practical. Its product range is divided into three categories, enabling it to meet the needs of the industry, as a whole. The three categories are:

  • Fieldpro collection – Hunting and Shooting wear
  • Hoggs of Fife label – Classic Countrywear
  • Hoggs Professional – Workwear

Hunting and Shooting – Fieldpro Collection

This product range is very carefully designed and manufactured and includes hunting and shooting products that are both comfortable and practical. For example, the shooting jackets have all the necessary features to ensure you will enjoy your days out and about. Tweed shooting jackets are available for both men and women, as are the waterproof quilted fleece jackets. All tweed jackets, waistcoats, breeks and hats are Teflon coated to give that important extra protection, when you are outside facing the elements. Plus, a waterproof, windproof and breathable Prooftex ‘Drop liner’ membrane, with taped seams, will ensure you stay dry and comfortable all day long!

This collection of clothing is suitable for a range of country and outdoor pursuits, such as hunting, shooting, horse riding, stalking and fishing.

Classic Countrywear – Hoggs of Fife Label

‘Classic essentials for everday wear’ is the best way to describe this collection! From country fleece jackets which are just perfect when out walking, to pure cotton shirts which are great when attending those country fairs, this classic countrywear range has continued to expand over the years – whilst still offering those popular ‘old favourites’! New products are being added each year, such as a choice of delightful country silk ties, of various designs, and top quality quilted lightweight waistcoats.

The ladies collection is also expanding, with ladies ‘stretch’ country trousers and country check shirts being added to the range. And, with many Hoggs products complementing each other, many of our customers tend to choose items from different Hoggs product ranges and mix them up to make one fantastic outfit. For example, a country shirt from the ‘classic countrywear’ range will complement a tweed jacket, from the ‘Fieldpro’ collection, and will look just perfect!

Included in the ‘classic countrywear’ range are a number of different hats. You can choose from the traditional wax bush hat, the new Harris Tweed baseball caps, or you may prefer the waxed Indiana hat, which is simply great for the Winter season!

Added to this collection is the famous bench-made country footwear range of products from Hoggs. Described as ‘probably the finest bench-grade classic country footwear’ these boots and shoes have been designed to make sure that they last! Using top quality materials, these boots and shoes will certainly offer you many years of comfort and service.

Finally, the classic countrywear collection, offers a fantastic range of ‘high performance’ socks that are suitable for any outdoor activity. From the traditional brogue sock, made from 89% merino wool, to the beachcomber seaboot stocking made from 50% wool and 50% polypropylene, these socks can be considered as ‘all year-round’ high performance item. Hoggs manufactures a fantastic collection of socks that are suitable for walking, hiking, fishing, work, or just for use as everyday wear.

Hoggs Professional Workwear

If you are looking for quality, comfort and long-lasting clothing and footwear to wear when working, then check out the Professional Workwear collection from Hoggs of Fife. This product range includes a fantastic collection of ‘climate controlled’ GORE-TEX products and highly specified technical waterproofs, which offer full protection in the worst of weather conditions. These products have been designed for the rugged outdoor life and, as you would expect, are waterproof, breathable and will give you comfort all day long.

Products include workshirts, work trousers, coveralls, gaiters, cordura knee reinforcement overtrousers, GORE-TEX jackets, wax leggings and overtrousers, quilted shirts and boots.

Hoggs Country Clothing and Footwear Technical Information

Find out more about the materials used in the Hoggs clothing and footwear range and how they can be of benefit to you. We have prepared a guide that we hope you will find informative and useful. Please click here to find out more: Hoggs of Fife FAQ

Please feel free to contact a member of our helpful sales team on 01978 437029 who will be delighted to advise you further on any of the products we offer.