Horizon socks are simply fantastic! This range of socks are suitable for a a vast array of outdoor and country sports. Whether it be walking, hiking, shooting, dog walking, farming, gardening or skiing, our collection of Horizon socks tick all the boxes!

Horizon socks core values are:

“Quality – Comfort – Performance – Durability!”

You’ll definitely get your money’s worth with Horizon socks and, it’s fair to say, excellent quality too! Nowadays, we seem to be out and about exploring the great outdoors more than ever before and so we need our feet to work hard for us – this is where Horizon socks can really help!

Outdoor sock collection

The ‘outdoor’ sock collection uses the latest top performing technology from fine Merino Wool to Coolmax technology. With very careful design, and placement of padding, these socks give you the extra protection you need! They offer warmth, along with a ‘terry leg’ for comfort and provide heel support. Check out the full range now!

Horizon sock science explained

In order to ensure your feet are comfortable all day, it is necessary to understand the technology used within the make- up of Horizon socks:

  • Merino Wool added for warmth
  • Coolmax added for dryness
  • Lycra to ensure a proper fit
  • Cordura for long lasting socks