Choosing the best work boot brands isn’t always easy unless you know exactly what you’re looking for! 

To a degree your choice will depend upon what type of work you do and what type of activities you carry out – but making the right choice that’s best for you is really important.  Basically, you can choose between safety work boots or those of the non- safety variety. The choice will largely depend upon your own requirements.  It may be that you need boots that are resistant to chemicals or they must meet EN standards.  There really is so much to think about but below is a guide that we think might help.

What’s best for me?

So what really are the best work boot brands for you?  Well, you could start by deciding whether you need safety boots (to give protection to your toe and mid-sole areas) or whether non-safety boots will be sufficient. When choosing, deciding which of these categories to browse through can really help you to save time.

safety wellingtons for farming

Safety work boots

Safety footwear can help to reduce the risk of injury from heavy falling objects or anything you might stand on that might penetrate the sole of your boot. Choosing the best work boot brands to wear becomes very important when trying to prevent injury. You might also need to consider the danger to feet when working with chemical compounds or walking over slippy surfaces.

It goes without saying that safety work boots need to be very carefully chosen when you are working with:

  • ladders/scaffolding
  • chainsaws
  • damp or water
  • heat or flames
  • chemicals
  • manure

Don’t forget too that some safety boots can help to prevent the build up of static electricity charges whilst others are very good at preventing slippages. This all helps when you’re considering your personal protective equipment (PPE).

Non safety work boots

This type of footwear is still designed to be strong, durable and sturdy but will not always have the same  design features of a safety work boot. However, it’s still very important to spend time choosing the best work boot brands for you!  For example, non-safety work boots are ideal when your work role dictates that your feet need ventilation or that you need flexibility in the boot when bending.

Choose carefully because many non- safety work boots can give you the waterproofness and breathability that you need but will also feature great sole units too.  After all, good grip and comfort are key features that simply cannot be ignored!  All in all, non-safety workboots are an ideal type of footwear for those everyday demanding and rigorous work roles!

So, what brands are best?

There are of course many fantastic brands to consider but, to help you to choose the best work boot brands, we at Cherry Tree Country Clothing, recommend Hoggs of Fife and Grisport as two of the best quality brands. We have selected just a few examples, to share with you below. (Many more examples and other brands can be viewed on our website)

Hoggs of fife safety work boots:

The Saturn

This is a fantastic EN tested steel mid-sole boot with an internal steel toe cap protection of 200 joules.  It boasts a Goodyear welted sole unit and offers excellent grip.  It is available in Brown or Black, sizes 6 – 13.

The Hurricane Rigger

Hoggs of Fife Hurricane Rigger Boot

This is a great quality pull on safety boot.  Even though it comes with a steel toe cap, it is 20% lighter than some other similar boots.  It has very useful ‘pull-on’ tabs and is EN tested. It comes in sizes 6 to 12 in Brown.

The Aquasafe Rigger

Hoggs of Fife Aquasafe Rigger Boot

This has been described as ‘Britain’s best fully waterproof leather rigger boot’!  It also has a breathable membrane and comes complete with a steel toe cap and steel mid-sole. It’s double stitched in the toe area and has a Tailbrelle lining that will wick away moisture as your feet get hot. It’s available in sizes 6 to 12 and comes in Brown.

Grisport Safety workboots

The Contractor

Grisport Contractor Boots

This a sturdy lightweight safety boot that comes complete with a steel toe cap!  It is acid and alkali resistant and  is heat proof with an anti-static sole unit. It is also slip-proof and offers great ankle support too! It comes in sizes 6 to 12 in either Black or Brown.

The Boulder

Grisport Boulder Boots

This is a high leg safety boot made with Italian leather.  It is grease resistant and has a breathable upper with a 5 -layer shock proof sole unit.  It will insulate you from heat up to 300 degrees celsius and comes in sizes 6.5 to 12 in Black.

The Chukka

Grisport Chukka Boots

Another great easy to pull on steel toe cap boot!  This is made using top Italian leather and it meets EN standards. This boot has a steel mid-sole along with a grease and shock proof sole unit and will certainly help to prevent you from slipping. It is available in sizes 6.5 to 12.

Hoggs of Fife non-safety work boots

The Orion Dealer


Hoggs of Fife Orion BootsThis is a superb non-safety work boot!  It allows your feet to breathe, offers great grip and and has a rippled sole.  There are also very useful pull tabs and strengthened elasticated panels. It comes in Golden Tan and is available in sizes 6 to 12

Grisport non-safety work boots

The Crieff

Grisport Crieff Boots

This is a fabulous lightweight waterproof and breathable non-safety work boot that has a Gritex membrane. The Grisport Crieff also has an ‘Active’ air sole unit. It has great grip, ventilation and shock absorption.  It comes in sizes 6.5 to 12.

Other footwear to consider:

There are many other examples of non-safety and safety footwear on our website for you to view, along with many safety wellies to choose from – and also some safety shoes!   To view our full collection of safety and non-safety footwear, please click here!

We do hope that the information above will help you when you want to choose the best work boot brands! Do please contact us should you need any further guidance or advice on any products from our footwear range,  or indeed any of our other products.