It might be topical right now, but have you really stopped to think how outdoor activities can help you with your general wellbeing? Read on…

Be active!

Don’t let this seem like a chore! Once you get out in the fresh air and simply ‘smell’ nature, you’ll instantly feel better about yourself and your life. You might enjoy:

  • walking
  • hiking
  • jogging
  • nordic walking
  • running
  • geocaching
  • cycling
  • kayaking
  • horse riding
  • gardening
  • climbing
  • dog walking

All of the above get you out and about but remember, if you like pilates, yoga or exercising such as “push ups”, why not find a nice clean space outdoors to do these too? You and your family and friends can socialise, chat and have fun, all at the same time.

cycling and the benefits of being outdoors

Benefits of being active

Think about it. Lack of self-esteem, depression, stress and anxiety are real problems that affect many people. If this is you, you’re certainly not on your own! Being outdoors can re-energise you and can sometimes help you to ‘escape’ and forget your troubles, even if just for a short time. But, nevertheless, this is a step in the right direction. For example, walking outdoors and taking time to really look at (and enjoy) the colours of the mountain side, the leaves on the trees, the wildlife, the farm animals and the views beyond can really open up a whole new way of thinking! How many shades of purple and green can you see as you look around? Take time to listen to the animals’ noises, the trickling of streams and the relaxing bird song and ‘lose’ yourself in this for a while!

So, what is “wellbeing”?

Wellbeing (often referred to as mental wellbeing) is really about exploring how you feel about yourself. Do you feel good about yourself and your life? How happy are you on a day to day basis? In the workplace a lot of emphasis is placed upon the “morale and motivation” of employees, so they are happy and productive. Well, perhaps we need to think about emphasising this OUTSIDE of the workplace too!

wellbeing and the benefits of being outdoors

How will “wellbeing” help me to feel good about myself?

Physical exercise simply makes us “think differently” for a while and forget what might be troubling us. Changing the way you think can, in turn, change your mood which, in turn, can really make you feel better about yourself. It’s known that activities such as those above create positive reactions in the body and the brain, thus enhancing your self-esteem! Get out there and give it a try! Regular walking, for example, can help reduce the risk of some illnesses. It can also burn up energy to help control your weight and can give you a completely different outlook on life. So, enjoy your time outdoors!

Top tips:

  • If you go out by yourself take your phone or at least tell someone where you intend to go
  • If going on long walks, take something healthy to drink and eat and sunscreen (and a hat) to protect you
  • Get advice on the correct footwear, socks and clothing to wear from reputable retailers
  • Before taking up increased exercise, do check with your G.P first