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Smell it, feel it, hear it and experience it, but most of all….enjoy it! Yes, Summer is almost upon us and with it comes our desire to get ‘out and about’, enjoying many different types of activities.

Think about it: picnics; walking; hiking; festival going; horse-riding; gardening; farming… and many other outdoor pursuits demand the right type of clothing and equipment to be worn that will guarantee comfort, style and safety at all times. But, as is often the case, the weather is quite unpredictable and, even on those long summer days, there can often be cold, wet and windy conditions.

Summer Equipment

So, what can we use to keep ourselves warm, dry and comfortable? Well, below are some ideas:

  • Adjustable wellies
  • Windproof umbrellas
  • Ponchos
  • A mac in a sac
  • Gloves
  • Neck gaiters

Historically, traditional wellies date back to the early 1800s  and popularised by the then Duke of Wellington. Back then, a combination of animal leather and wax made this new type of footwear waterproof, creating a protective boot suitable for many uses. As you may have guessed, because of the link to the Duke of Wellington this boot quickly became known as the “Wellington Boot” more affectionately referred to as the “welly”, nowadays!

Interestingly in the 1850s and with the introduction of a new material we now know as ‘Rubber’, famous welly manufacturers such as ‘Goodyear‘ and ‘Dunlop‘ made their mark in the footwear industry.

It was however after World War II when farmers and workers in other industries noticed the value of wearing ‘wellies’ along with a good pair of thick socks to keep their feet warm and dry all day long.

Wellies TodayLunar Short Wellies

Today, wellies are available in many styles and colours and are worn for many occasions even being considered as a fashion statement by some! They are available with neoprene or cotton lining for comfort and some are fitted with adjustable straps making them an ideal choice for anyone with wide calves. Worthy of note is a very fashionable ‘welly shoe‘ which is now available on the market!

If you need help to find the perfect fitting wellington boot please check out our latest Wellies Buying Guide.

Wet Weather Gear

As for other goodies when out in those summer, thundery showers you shouldn’t forget to take your poncho with you. Ideal for festival goers or dog walkers alike, a poncho will offer great protection and as they are made from 10mm thick PVC, they are very light to carry about. Similarly, a ‘mac in a sac’ with adjustable hoods are ideal – and for cyclists too! (some have reflective piping on them, along with cycle wrist straps) But, whatever your need, they do pack easily into a small pouch of your bag or rucksack.

gustbuster windproof umbrellaAlso, to protect you from the elements, you could consider a windproof umbrella. Unlike traditional brollies that blow inside out in strong winds (how embarrassing – and wet- is that?) this type of umbrella is actually guaranteed by the manufacturers to withstand winds of 55mph minimum! This fact has been certified by the College of Aeronautics, so this brolly could be an ideal companion for those summer walks when its lovely and warm outside but the sky does look a little unpredictable!

By the way, don’t forget to complete your summer survival kit, with a decent pair of gloves, Dexshell Thermafit waterproof gloves and a good stylish pair of sunglasses offering the right protection for your eyes. In addition, why not ‘throw in’ a high viz lightweight neck gaiter for extra visibility, along with an LED head torch for a hands free light option when it starts getting dusk. (Most of these head torches have adjustable straps offering a 32 metre or more beam range!)

So, make the most of your summer and whatever your outdoor ‘thing’ may be, make sure you’re prepared for splashing about in the muddy fields or pathways when the wind and rain make themselves known!

Have a very happy summer!