The traditional wax jacket really is THE all-year-round jacket.

Water and windproof – wax will keep you warm and dry during colder seasons while dressing down and removing layers will keep you cool during warmer months. We have written this guide to tell you why wax is the one and to highlight our best selling men’s wax jackets.

Benefits of a wax jacket

Naturally Waterproof

Waxed cotton is a highly water-resistant and breathable material which provides protection from extreme weathers. Naturally durable and hardwearing, they will protect you from the elements and undergrowth so are perfect for beating, farming, shooting and most country pursuits.

Classic & Stylish

Natural waxes and oils have been used to enhance clothing’s protective properties since the 15th Century, with the first wax jacket being produced commercially by Barbour in the 1800s. There is a reason wax jackets are still so popular – they are timeless piece of the quintessential British wardrobe.

Practical & Versatile

They can be dressed up for a formal event or casual gathering but will also double up as the perfect dog walking jacket. Much like leather, waxed cotton material improves with age so your wax jacket will keep on performing for years and years to come.

Our Best Sellers

We stock a variety of men’s wax jackets from brands including Hoggs of Fife, Game Technical and Sherwood Forest.

Hoggs of Fife Woodsman

With a hardwearing 330gsm waxed cotton outer shell, this jacket is fully weatherproof, offers durability and provides protection from the elements. It has been designed with the countryman in mind – multiple pockets offer practicality and a 100% cotton lining ensures comfort all day long out in the field. Internal knitted storm cuffs and a storm flap protect from extreme weather while farming, dog walking or taking part in other outdoor pursuits. Shop Woodsman.

Hoggs of Fife Woodsman Men's Wax Jacket Hoggs of Fife Woodsman Men's Wax Jacket Storm Collar Hoggs of Fife Woodsman Men's Wax Jacket Reverse
Game Technical Classic Padded Wax JacketGame Technical Padded Men's Wax Jacket

Padded with a cotton inner, featuring fitted cuffs and handwarmer pockets for additional warmth – this jacket is a good option for colder temperatures. Convenience features such as detachable hood, inner pouch pocket, two-way zip and studded storm tab make it highly practical. A quality classic British padded men’s wax jacket made in the UK. Shop Classic Padded Wax Jacket.

Hoggs of Fife Caledonia

A classic Antique Olive finish gives this jacket a traditional waxed look. The Caledonia is designed to be tough and durable which makes it the ideal shooting or beating jacket. Halley Stevenson P270 Silkwax engineering makes this garment waterproof and breathable which means it will keep you comfortable in even in harshest weather. Multiple pockets including cartridge, hand warmer, map and internal security pockets add practicality and convenience. Need we say more? Shop Caledonia.

Hoggs of Fife Caledonia Wax Jacket Hoggs of Fife Caledonia Button Detail Hoggs of Fife Caledonia Wax Jacket Reverse
Hoggs of Fife Padded Wax Jacket

Designed to meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts, this weatherproof jacket is particularly popular within the agricultural community (find out why waxed cotton is great for farmers and gamekeepers).  Crafted in Britain from high quality materials and fabric, it is perfect for walking, riding or rambling and can easily be dressed up ready for a smarter occasion. The hardwearing, double folded waxed cotton combined with the quilted lining will ensure you stay warm in freezing temperatures. Shop Hoggs Of Fife Padded Wax Jacket.

Hoggs of Fife Padded Wax Jacket Hoggs of Fife Padded Wax Jacket stud detail Hoggs of Fife Padded Wax Jacket

Wax Jacket Maintenance

Maintenance of waxed jackets is key to ensuring they keep performing and protecting you from the elements for years to come. Like any outdoor garment, waxed jackets lose their coating and water resistance over time so it’s important to clean and reproof regularly. A product such as Hoggs of Fife’s Waxed Cotton Dressing will renovate and reproof wax jackets, hats and any other waxed cotton clothing. Below is a step-by-step guide to caring for your wax garments.


It’s important to clean your jacket before applying any restoration wax to ensure that any mud or dirt is removed. This will allow you to work the wax into the fabric to get an even application to maximise waterproofing and protection for your jacket and therefore you! Use cold water and a sponge – soap and hot water will remove the wax coating and the jacket’s waterproof qualities so avoid using any extra cleaning methods.


Warming the wax before application helps to work it into the fabric. Use a small bowl of warm water and place the tub of wax in for 20 minutes before you start. We also recommend using a warm cloth as this also helps to spread the wax evenly. Rub the wax into the jacket – be sure to pay particular attention to the seams, creases and areas that take a lot of wear. Ensure you do not to get any wax on any fabric areas of your jacket such as quilted linings or corduroy collars.


To ensure an even finish on your jacket, we recommend drying properly. To do this you can use a hair dryer to go over your jacket – this helps the wax work into the material and create a seal to maximise waterproofing. You can also leave your jacket in a warm area over night to allow it to dry (away from other clothing and equipment as the wax may transfer before it has been absorbed and dried completely).


It is important to keep up cleaning and maintenance of a wax jacket. We recommend re-waxing at least once a year, or more often if your jacket gets a lot of use and needs extra conditioning. All wax jackets are different and require different amounts of care and attention so be sure to look out for signs such as the fabric cracking and creasing. If in doubt whether your jacket needs attention, we are more than happy to advise so please do get in touch.