If you love being outdoors then you’ll love Mohair socks too!

Mohair socks really are a great investment because they’ll certainly keep your feet warm and cosy during those cold and frosty winter months. But, that’s not all! They’ll also keep your feet cool during the warmer summer months, too.  Indeed, it’s not everyday that a quality pair of socks comes along that has the properties to do both of these things!

mohair socksWell, it’s the cute Angora goat that makes its contribution to the production of Mohair socks. The Angora goats’ fleece is used to produce mohair which, in turn, is very soft, durable and moisture-wicking.

Most Angora goats will be sheered twice a year, resulting in a fascinating process that leads to the final production of mohair. Although hard wearing, mohair really is a warm, cosy and soft material.

So, what are the benefits of mohair socks?

As well as helping to maintain a nice  temperature and a cosy feel for your feet, mohair also makes it difficult for bacteria to build up. A big advantage is that this helps to reduce the risk of foot odour!

In addition, mohair has an advantage over traditional wool, because it is far more resistant to rubbing and general wear and tear. This truly makes it an ideal material for socks and many other types of garments too. For example, with a cushioned sole and a reinforced heel, the Companion calf length mohair socks, by Corrymore, are fantastic. They have stretch ribbing so they feel and look good and they have an elasticated welt on the top. Similarly, Corrymoor’s Woodlander socks offer similar superb features and are knee length with a turnover top. These socks are perfect for men, women or children alike and are ideal for walking, hiking, gardening or indeed for the workplace. Check out our Corrymoor mohair sock selection here.

Take care of your socks and they’ll take care of you!

Generally Mohair has a greater resistance to shrinking but its always best to take great care when washing your mohair socks.

Experts suggest that many low temperature-rated detergents contain protease enzymes, which don’t always distinguish between actual dirt and the protein fibres of mohair. (After all, mohair is like human hair and is made up of a protein called Keratin)  So, it’s best to be aware that there is a small risk that the protein fibres of mohair may possibly weaken and, consequently, may shrink slightly!

Therefore, do try to avoid using detergents that contain enzymes and set your machine to a wool wash at 40oC.  By the way, do also avoid tumble drying and, instead, just use a gentle spin.

Look good and feel great when out and about!

Often described as socks that are not only cosy but offer sweat-free comfort too, you really will feel great when you slip on a pair of these cosy, quality socks – whatever your outdoor pursuit may be. They really look good too!

If, for example, you wear them inside a pair of Hoggs of Fife Braemar wellington boots , you really will feel snug all day long.  Alternatively, imagine wearing these fantastic socks inside a pair of Grisport Hurricane walking boots or perhaps a pair of quality Grisport Dartmoor shoes.  You truly will feel the benefits!  So hopefully you can see that we really do mean that you can look good and feel great too, when out and about!

Go on then, give it some thought and do consider getting your own pair of mohair socks for a lovely soft and cosy feel!

For any further information about our range of Corrymoor socks or any other brand of socks that we have available, please don’t hesitate to make contact with us. Our team is always ready to advise and help!