grisport livingston shoeGrisport, the Italian based footwear specialist, has recently designed and produced a new range of walking and leisure shoes which it calls its Grisport active shoes. Over the years, Grisport has created an excellent reputation for itself and is well known for its design of comfortable, lightweight and waterproof walking boots and shoes. With this in mind, the new ‘Active’ collection is sure to please!

Grisport has utilised its industry knowledge in the design of its ‘Active’ range, to ensure that these shoes offer support, comfort and quality- at affordable prices! This manufacturer takes great pride in ensuring that its designs take on board the shape of the foot, so that its footwear fits correctly, helping to prevent blisters, calluses and tendonitis.

Introducing the Grisport Active shoes range

So, these lightweight, quality shoes are just great, whether used for leisure, work or play! Made from top quality Italian leather, the Active range of shoes will give you comfort instantly and, with their unique ‘active sole’ design, these walking shoes will help you to avoid those nagging foot ailments. Plus, many shoes in this range have a Gritex membrane, meaning that these shoes will certainly help to protect your feet against the wet and cold. Generally, there are many foot ailments you may experience when wearing walking shoes and, listed below, are some of these, along with an explanation of how the Grisport ‘Active’ range may help to minimise the risk of these for you:

1. My feet get hot and smell after a walk

Feet get hot and smelly when there is no ventilation. The Active range has a ‘punched’ leather insole which has natural breathing capabilities. Whilst rubber insoles tend to sweat, these leather insoles will absorb odour to prevent your shoes from smelling. Over time, simply replace the leather insoles to keep your footwear fresh! The Active range of shoes also has built in activated carbon insoles, which act as anti-smell insoles, continuously recycling air around the shoe.

2. I can feel each and every impact, which makes my legs ache at the end of the day

The Active range has specifically designed sole units which includes an ultra light material ‘insert’ that works as a stabilizer and shock absorber. The softening air bubbles create a ‘spongy’ effect when walking, minimising the impact, in turn leading to a comfortable and stable walk. Plus with an ABS antishock system incorporated into the heel area of the shoe, the ankle and heel are also protected.

3. I work in a school and I need a pair of shoes for work, that won’t leave marks on the Hall floor and corridors

grisport active shoes range

Each shoe in the Active range has a ‘built in’ anti-static and non-skid outer sole. The non-skid soles won’t leave marks on the floor and they are also resistant to water and/or oil. Therefore the Active shoes are just great for anybody who works in a slippery environment, as they offer a fantastic grip!

4. The soles on my shoes don’t seem to last very long

The Active range of walking shoes are made from polyurethane. This lightweight, abrasion-resistant material creates a hard-wearing sole that will last – and is also water resistant!

5. Some walking shoes I have worn in the past, irritate my achilles tendon

The burning pain often experienced just above the heel when walking may be Achilles Tendonitis. In order to avoid this, it is important to wear shoes or boots that have an ‘achilles notch’, to reduce constant rubbing and irritation. The Grisport Active shoes have been designed with an achilles notch, which is a V-shaped cutout on the ankle. The aim of this is to try to prevent irritation or inflamation of the tendon. To make sure there is a sufficient ‘notch,’ it is best to try the shoes on very carefully, before buying.

6. I get calluses and/or blisters on my toes after walking

Calluses, blisters and corns are very common! Calluses and corns are basically areas of hard skin which have formed on toes as a result of excessive pressure or constant friction. Blisters however are fluid-filled bumps, which form as a result of poorly fitted shoes! Grisport has designed the Active shoes with a large ‘toe box’, to give plenty of space for toes, resulting in less friction, and in turn less calluses and blisters!

7. During colder months, my feet get cold quickly

Grisport has used its own unique protective membrane on its Active range, called GRITEX. This is an internal layer that offers great protection against the wet and cold, helping to keep feet warm, dry and comfortable!

So, in summary, the new ‘Active’ range of shoes from Grisport offers many protective features. Made from top quality Italian leather, the soft uppers will wrap around your feet, giving you a comfortable and safe walk. Hopefully, the hints and tips above will be of some help. Happy walking!

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