Emotions and thoughts of being in the countryside!

At Cherry Tree Country Clothing it’s not unusual for our customers to comment on the BBC’s Escape to the Country programme, often suggesting it is their dream to find their ideal location hidden somewhere in the countryside.

Of course, many of our customers already reside or work in the countryside. Its lovely to hear their wonderful stories and comments of their life when they’re out and about outdoors. For others, days out or perhaps a holiday in the countryside is an experience they really look forward to. Either way, there sure is plenty to enjoy when out and about in the countryside!

The BBC’s Escape to the Country programme will briefly show the surrounding area of the property being surveyed by the TV crew. Often, the presenter will engage with a feature about locally grown produce or perhaps a historical building of some type. However, the main purpose of the programme is, of course, to show off properties meaning that only a flavour of the local countryside will be featured. Well, at least it gives us a taster and, in most cases, an appetite for exploring the countryside. (Also, it may remind us of what we are missing!)


So, lets make the most of the opportunities that are out there and explore some worthy aspects of escaping to the country. Some things to consider:

What thoughts and emotions are involved?

Think about childhood memories of picnics, family walks, smells, animals, family visits or relations. Maybe also making dens in rhododendron or climbing trees or the butter cup test to see if you like butter! The sunshine itself may spur memories and remind you of the beautiful colours of foliage, heather and grasses – and wonderful insects such as Bees, Dragon flies or Butterflies!

What interests you the most?

Perhaps you have a passion for different varieties of trees or the ever changing colours of the mountain side.You may have an interest in historical monuments and landmarks, canals or wildlife and farm animals, along with a passion for observing wonderful views from hill tops. Let’s not forget hobbies such as hiking, walking, climbing or dog walking!

What are your main priorities?walking_in_north_wales

It’s often worth investing time to research the location of fascinating places to visit. This could include country parks, dedicated areas of outstanding beauty, picnic areas or coastal paths and other key walking areas. Do prioritise what you need to take with you to be safe and comfortable. What you wear and what you have in your rucksack, such as refreshments, can really make a difference to your enjoyable day out! You can also take a look at the Good Pub Guide!

What would you really like to see?

Well, some ideas have already been mentioned above but some people really like lakes and mountains. For others its trees, plants and wildlife that holds the attraction. Its probably smells, colours, fresh air and of course the elements that draws us to the countryside in the first place. Indeed it may be holidaying or camping (or just a good old fashioned ‘day out’) that enables us to enjoy all of the above!

Think about ‘sense of place’ and create new memories for you and yours as you visit the beautiful landscapes, views and tranquility of our wonderful countryside. Enjoy, be safe and be happy!