Whether just popping out for a quick morning walk with your pooch or planning a longer stroll around your local area, our dog walking coats will be sure to keep you snug, warm and dry each and every time! 

Are you fed up of getting wet when out walking your dog? Does your existing coat leak or is just too short?  Well, when you live in the countryside where it’s likely to rain a lot, staying dry when out with your four legged friend can sometimes be challenging. So, a good reliable dog walking coat will keep you dry, comfy and, of course, happy!  And, knowing how much our dogs pick up on how happy their owners are, this will help to keep them happy too!

So, when looking for a new walking coat, choosing the right fabric and knowing about the technology is really important. Some cheap and cheerful coats may well be waterproof in the beginning but, after a couple of wears, (and a few paw prints later) they may well let you down. There’s nothing worse than returning from a couple of hours dog walking to find that your shoulders are damp or, even worse, absolutely soaking wet.

How can I tell if I need a new dog walking coat?

The easiest way to find out whether your dog walking jacket will withstand the heaviest of downpours is to check whether rain drops run directly off the fabric or simply remain siting on the fabric. If the water does stay on the fabric then the jacket’s coating will eventually allow water through completely!

So, the ultimate dog walking coat is one that won’t allow water in, is breathable and, importantly, is really warm!

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What type of coat do I need?

The type of coat you choose should largely depend upon where you intend to wear it and the type of walk you and your pooch are thinking of.  If you’re planning morning strolls before work in all weathers, then a heavy duty waterproof long dog walking coat may be most suitable. However if you plan to undertake a longer hike, perhaps during heavy showers, then a lightweight jacket that’s small enough to pack away in your pocket or bag may well be best!

Let’s take a look at these two types of coats in more detail:

Heavy Duty Waterproof Long Coat

If you’re up for taking your pet out when the wind is blowing a gale and the rain is driving sideways, then a heavy duty long waterproof coat is essential.

The Hoggs of Fife Waxed Long Coat

The ultimate dog walking coat for men and women is the Hoggs of Fife Waxed long coat. This coat is made from a durable cupar wax fabric (so you can easily re-proof it when the time comes to do so!), is fully padded on the body and is a 3/4 length coat – giving you that little bit more coverage!

This coat is packed with essential dog walking features including:

  • corduroy high collar and wax chin guard so you can get full neck coverage when there is driving rain
  • fully waxed cape for extra shoulder protection
  • adjustable cuffs and internal terry cuffs for warmth
  • two buttoned deep pockets to carry a spare lead, poop bags and other dog walking essentials
  • internal leg stirrups which help to stop the bottom of the jacket blowing up in the wind
  • 3/4 length for full back, bum and leg coverage
  • two way zip – making it easy to get in and out of your car and giving you a bit more movement when climbing over a stile
  • storm guard over the two way zip to prevent the wind from penetrating through the zip
  • full body padding, made from a soft cotton tartan fabric

There is no hood with the Hoggs of Fife long coat as it is designed to be worn with a wide brim wax hat, such as the wax indiana hat or the wax wide brim aussie hat.

The Hoggs of Fife waxed Long Coat is available as follows:

Sizes: S-XL
Colour: Brown
Gender: Unisex


The Baleno Kensington Coat

Baleno Kensington Coat

The Baleno Kensington jacket is designed with many technical attributes. This superb dog walking coat for women offers 100% protection from the heaviest of downpours! The fabric is 100% waterproof and breathable and this very stylish and elegant coat is just perfect for everyday wear.

Its features include:

  • lightweight waterproof and breathable fabric with taped seams
  • full length two way zip with storm guard
  • 3/4 length
  • elegant contrasting detail around the cuffs and pockets
  • adjustable cuffs and soft terry internal cuffs
  • luxury moleskin lined collar
  • fully lined detachable hood

The 3/4 length Kensington coat is just perfect for those ladies who like a bit of style but still expect top performance!

Sizes: S-XL
Colour: Navy Blue
Gender: Ladies


Lightweight Dog Walking Jackets

Although the two dog walking coats above are superb during heavy downpours and in cold biting winds, they’re probably not that suitable when the weather warms up in late Spring and Summer!  A more lightweight coat might be suitable for Spring and Summer wear.  Even so, there’s still going to be the chance of some heavy showers and sharp winds in the warmer seasons too but the lightweight jackets will still offer you protection just when you need it.

Well, our technical dog walking jackets below will give you the protection you need from any heavy downpours or strong winds without the burden of wearing a heavier coat in warmer weather. Plus they come with a carrying bag to pop them into and they’re compact enough to slip into a rucksack side pocket or to strap to your belt when not in use.

The Highlander Stow & Go Jacket

highlander stow and go jacket - lightweight dog walking coat

The Stow and Go jacket is available in bright colours, making you very visible when hill walking and road walking.

It’s also packed with many other features listed below:

  • fully waterproof, breathable and windproof material
  • fully attached adjustable hood with a stiff peak for windy days
  • zipped pockets
  • full length waterproof zip
  • adjustable cuffs

In summary, the Stow and Go jacket is of high technical design. It also boasts a 5000mm waterproof and breathable material and it comes with a handy carry pack too!

Sizes: S-XXL
Colour: Blue
Gender: Unisex


The Hoggs of Fife Green King Jacket

hoggs of fife green king jacket

If a fantastic 36″ length lightweight jacket  – packed with essential features –  is what you’re looking for, then give the Hoggs of Fife Green King jacket a go!  This is another great technically designed jacket.  It’s waterproof, breathable and windproof.

This jacket features:lightweight dog walking jacket

  • a two way zip, for freedom of movement when climbing over stiles
  • large deep pockets to carry treats, toys and poop bags
  • internal terry cuffs
  • adjustable full hood with mesh lining
  • reinforced elbow sections
  • handwarmer pockets
  • full body mesh lining
  • various internal pockets

It’s made from ripstop fabric preventing unsightly rips if, for example, you happen to catch your jacket in a barbed wire fence!

There is also matching waterproof over trousers available!  For more information please click here.

Sizes: S-XXL
Colour: Dark Green
Gender: Unisex



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