So, it’s Halloween! It’s all about having fun! It’s all about trick and treating! It’s all about being warm and cosy!

So if you and your friends or family are going to be “out and about” Halloween trick and treating, then it’s going to be far more enjoyable if you’re all wearing the right togs.

Heading off the cold

First thing is to keep heads warm!  Yes, there is a current debate (between experts) that heat may not actually escape through the top of your head, but we say cover up anyway! Regardless of what the experts say, it’s nice to be warm dry and cosy! Here at Cherry Tree Country Clothing, we have a fantastic range of quality, interesting hats, caps and other head wear to offer you.

Dexshell Pom Pom Beanie

Dexshell Waterproof Pom Pom Beanie

Our Dexshell pom pom hats, for example, are fully waterproof, windproof and breathable, with a microfleece inner for extra warmth.

Alternatively, our Hoggs of Fife waxed Indiana hat is a superb piece of equipment to pop on to your head. This hat looks really stylish and is practical too, being fully waterproof.

There really are so many items to choose from, including fleece headbands, baseball caps, luxurious trapper hats or bush hats.

Oh, and don’t forget too, that we have beanie hats, flat caps, snoods, neck gaiters and – very importantly – High visibility beanie hats with reflective strips. The kids will love these and these hats will make sure that they are spotted far more easily by busy motorists on those darker evenings!

Something handy?

There’s nothing worse than cold, damp hands to spoil the evenings fun! Here too, we think we can help!

You could take a good look at all of our gloves and mitts and you’ll definitely find something to keep everyone warm.

If you want gloves that are comfortable and warm but perhaps not too bulky, then you could try our Viper patrol gloves. Or, alternatively, our Supersoft thermal gloves will be ideal to keep out the cold. Of course, some people really do prefer mitts and, if so, our Thinsulate fingerless gloves offer a lovely cosy lining for extra warmth.

Do remember too, that we stock some fantastic ‘magic gripper’ gloves, which are superb and will give you that extra grip just when you need it. These gloves are ideal for keeping hold of  your dog’s lead when its wet outdoors.

Similarly, if you have your phone with you when you’re out and about and you’re awaiting an important call, we would recommend our ‘touchscreen’ smart gloves. These are just the job for checking messages without having to take your gloves off!

By the way, don’t forget about our superb zippo chrome finished hand warmers too!

What a treat!

Well, hopefully after an evening of fun in your local neighbourhood, you may well have a collection of treats for the kids to enjoy. (Funny how most households opt to give out treats rather than endure a trick!)

Of course, it’s always good to have something useful to carry the night’s haul in!  Well, a fantastic item for carrying home the treats securely is one of our webbing haversacks with shoulder straps.

Or perhaps you may prefer our cute, lightweight walkies bag, which will carry nicely over your shoulder and is water resistant too. However, if you’re not too ambitious and don’t expect too big a haul, then our classic bum belt bag may be just the job.

There really are many bags to choose from, including our canvas pug print bag, our Quadro vintage backpack or, as a special item to put a smile on any kids face, our Furry friends Daysack, which really are loads of fun!

Party on!

Well, after the entertainment of trick and treating and enjoying lots of fun outdoors, why not continue the merriment when you get back home again!

You could have great fun with one of our quality dutch ovens outside in the back garden!  You could cook some tasty winter stews or casseroles in this fantastic dutch oven.  These ovens will delight the kids, because they look like a mini Witches cauldron and will certainly prompt a story or two!

Talking of stories you could complete the night, before they go off to bed, with a wonderful story from one of our “Once upon a Slime” illustrated story books. Why not give them a comforting hot chocolate at the same time and really make it a night to remember?

dutch oven venison stew recipe

Oh, and once the kids are tucked up in bed, it’s your time!  If you feel cosy and sleepy, you could settle down for the rest of the night and pop on a comfy and fashionable pair of our blue tartan slippers. Mmmm, really nice!

Well, we certainly hope that you have loads of fun, trick or treating at Halloween!  Enjoy!