The seasons of Spring, Summer and Autumn (and even those calm, crisp winter days) offer many opportunities to get out and about in the Countryside.

Indeed we will have a chance to take in some fresh air, get some health benefits and even enjoy your favourite hobby or interest all at the same time!

So, what of these health benefits and what are they likely to be? Well, experts suggest just being out in the fresh air can benefit us in the following ways:

  • Increased motivation (for everything else we do)
  • An increase in energy levels
  • It helps our lungs to get more oxygen into our system (i.e. cleansing your lungs)
  • A release from stressful situations
  • It helps us to relax

It’s worth considering that new and different smells from trees, plants, flowers and grasses can help us to relax too,animal-countryside-agricult often stimulating thoughts and memories, perhaps of our childhoods, taking us away from everyday worries, for a while at least! Likewise, listening to the sounds that surround us in a tranquil setting, such as birds singing, cows mooing or Bees buzzing can also take our thoughts to happy times.

Let’s not forget any exercise in the countryside can be fantastic for ‘doggy’ too! Man and women’s four legged best friend can really benefit and providing of course that we observe all the written and unwritten rules (i.e. clearing up when they make a mess/putting their lead on where we have to), then our faithful friend can truly help us to have a great, relaxing time. Please click here to view our dog walking section.

Well, the NHS recommends that we should all spend a minimum of 150 minutes a week performing some type of physical exercise. Another way of looking at this is 30 minutes a day for at least 5 days a week! Here at Cherry Tree Country Clothing, our ‘new Autumn resolution’ is that we are all going to make sure that, either individually or sometimes as a team – we will all set ourselves a target to surpass the “150 minute per week” rule!

So, let’s stop and think about all of the hobbies or interests that we can take outdoors. There are some very obvious ones – far too many to list here – such as football, tennis or cricket but below are some other ideas too:

  • Fishing
  • Gardening (also visiting parks, shows and public gardens)
  • Climbing
  • Cycling
  • Jogging
  • Roller blading
  • Walking and hiking
  • Horse riding

And, some more unusual outdoor suggestions:

  • Painting and sketching
  • Doing your business accounts in the garden (or home budgeting)
  • Writing a story, poem or novel
  • Practicing martial arts or Tai Chi
  • A gym – type workout/skipping rope

In other words, why do these things indoors when there may be health benefits of doing them outdoors?

So, take a blanket, a flask and some snacks and spend a few hours doing what you want to do, whilst getting some fresh air at the same time! And you can be stylish, safe, ready and comfortable as well! Please click here to view our website and you can explore our quality range of country and outdoor clothing items, footwear, accessories and gifts, at your leisure.


One more thought. If you have children or perhaps a nephew or niece, you could organise a memorable countryside picnic or walk and after enjoying your drinks and nibbles and you have soaked up the delightful smells, views and sounds of the countryside environment, why not play some games. You could take a board game, read a story from your kid’s favourite book, play ‘spot the bird’ or play ‘I spy’. All of this will add up to an experience that children are likely to remember for many years to come! (And it gets them away from TV, headphones and computer games for a while!)

So, all in all, there are many health benefits associated with ‘the great outdoors’ and in addition to those mentioned above, let’s not forget how just simply walking through the countryside can be therapeutic for anyone suffering from depression and can be motivating for anyone who simply wants to improve their muscle strength or perhaps lose a little weight. In addition, its great for your blood pressure, your heart and your joints!

If all else fails, your ‘escape to the country’, no matter how little time you’ve spent out and about, will at least give you something different to talk about next time you met up with friends for a coffee and it creates new talking point next time you’re meeting with family for that BBQ or a Sunday roast!