When the game season is on its way (October 1 – February 1 for England, Wales and Scotland), sometimes it can be difficult to know how to cook your game successfully. Below are suggested Pheasant recipes that you may find useful and tasteful!


Pheasant shooting has been popular for a number of years, with famous people such as Pippa Middleton and Marco Pierre White seen enjoying the country sport.

There are many benefits of eating game. Below are the key benefits of eating pheasant as apposed to chicken.

Benefits of eating Pheasant

Pheasant has been described by many as a slightly tougher than traditional meats but tastes very similar to chicken. But buying from the local butcher rather than the supermarket will result in a better tasting meat.

This inexpensive meat is a British meat, packed tight with nutritions and is low in fat and low in cholestroal, definitely a healthier alternative to red meats.  Pheasant meat has high levels of iron, protein, vitamin B (6) and selenium. (Selenium is a vital mineral that the body needs to maintain a healthy system. Also known as ‘Selenoproteins’.)

Nutritional facts about Pheasant meat

  • No artificial preservatives
  • No hormones or steroids added unlike farm grown birds
  • Generally 1/3 the calories than other meats

Energy (kcal/100g)119
Energy (kj/100g)505
Protein (g/100g)27.1
Fat (g/100g)1.2
Cholesterol (mg/100g)66
Saturated fatty acids (g/100g)0.39
MUFA 9g/100g)0.54
PUFA (g/100g)0.21
Vit B1 (mg/100g)0.023
Vit B2 (mg/100g)0.019
Vit B3 (mg/100g)3.77
Vit B6 (mg/100g)0.061
Iron (mg/100g)1
Sodium (mg/100g)40
Zinc (mg/100g)0.8
Selenium (mg/kg)0.37
Ash (g/100g)1.2
Total solids (g/100g)28.8

Suggested Pheasant Recipes

Pheasant RecipesPheasant ReceipesOnce you have tried pheasant, why not try other game such as partridge, hare, quail, venison or pigeon – all with great health benefits!

The above pheasant recipes have been taken from the gametoeat.co.uk site.

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