Grisport Quatro Walking Boot

Lightweight Walking BootThe Grisport Quatro walking boot from Cherry Tree Country Clothing is a lightweight walking boot designed and manufactured in Italy. The Grisport Quatro walking boot is a backpacking boot which is ideal for climbing Snowdonia or walking the dog. The boot has a waterproof and breathable liner and a sown in tongue to keep the rain out but allows moisture and heat to escape. Cordura performance fabric has been used to ensure the boots durability and resistance to tear and puncture. To make sure the boots are comfortable and secure on your foot, Grisport Quatro boot includes the patented support system. This support system is a locking system that locks your ankle in place.

The Grisport Quatro boot has a Vibram sole which is the most durable sole available and is ideal for walking, hiking, climbing and every day wear.

Do you find that you suffer with blisters or have pains in your ankles after walking?

Then the specially designed anti-tendonitis relief system will prevent tendon fatigue and will aid a comfortable walk.

The quick lacing system and self-locking hooks will guarantee even and safe grip without any pressure points and a cushioned toe-joint for comfort.

To get the best from your Grisport Quatro Walking Boot, a little maintenance will be required.  When your boots are wet and muddy, allow your boots to dry off naturally and remove as much mud as possible with a brush. Then we recommend the Nikwax Cleaning Gel to remove those stubborn stains and the Nikwax Waterproofing Wax for Leather to keep the leather waterproof, soft and in top condition.

The Grisport Quatro Walking Boot are available in sizes UK 3-11,  EU36-45

OUR PRICE: £109.95 (Free UK P&P) Updated 10/2/23

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