Ever thought about wearing purple clothes? No?…… why not?

Purple seems to be the “in” colour right now! We have seen purple houses hitting the headlines and celebrities walking the ‘red carpet’ wearing purple.

Celebrities wearing purple clothes

sandra bullock

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Purple clothes have actually been in the headlines for quite a few years now. There have been our favourite (and maybe not so favourite!) celebs wearing purple clothes to show their support for Peace Day in America and then, carrying on the trend when on the ‘red carpet’.

Indeed, it appears that even purple lipstick is the “it” shade for this season, as recently reported in the Huffington Post!

Celebrities such as Sandra Bullock and Catherine Jenkins have been spotted wearing purple dresses at formal occasions and  Victoria Beckham has put  her fashion talents to use by designing her own purple clothing collection.

Purple in the countryside?

Who would have thought it – purple clothing when out and about in the countryside?  No, not for me thank you, you may say….but, just think about it for a minute, perhaps you could be the next trend setter in your local area!

Hoggs of Fife produce top quality country clothing and have got wise to the outbreak of ‘purple mania’.  Hoggs of Fife has recently introduced a new ladies quilted jacket which is available in blackberry, which is called the Lexington quilted ladies jacket. This jacket is lightweight, very stylish and has a part elasticated waist , to give that ‘fitted’ appearance. purple-clothesOr, you could take a look at the Hoggs of Fife Ladies Cord Trousers. These are highly recommended, again are very stylish and have a fashionable cord – just perfect for everyday wear for ladies.

The purple theme continues, as also available are purple socks, purple flowery wellingtons or, if you want to be a little less daring, why not go for a purple fleece lined tweed waistcoat!

Go on, give purple a try….,think about it, you could either be ‘in with the celebs’, or you could be the next big ‘trend setter’ wherever you live!

If it’s a colour you like, then here’s to a bright and purple future!