So you’ve been out and about in the cold, working or pursuing your favourite outdoor hobby, and now you need a quick snack to warm up?  Well, here at Cherry Tree Country Clothing we’d like to share a couple of options that you really won’t want to miss! 

It was actually my wonderful Dad who first graced us with the pleasure of enjoying the following two nifty ideas!  Whilst being very simple but effective, his quick country snack ideas would always ‘fill a hole’ for all the family.  It was just a great way to keep us going until our evening meal later on! (Mum always thought that Dad’s snacks might spoil our appetite for our main meal later on but they never did!)

So then, after a long and busy day outside in the cold air you’ll find these ‘quick’ snacks so comforting – especially when you’re about to warm yourself up sitting around a nice, cosy fire!

Reg’s Grilled ‘Double’ Toast

You can’t get more simple than this! 

  1. Forget the Toaster and heat up the grill in your oven to the medium setting.
  2. Then, take two slices of bread (white, brown or seeded – whatever your preference) and simply place one slice on top of the other, with nothing in between!
  3. Lay the two slices (still one on top of the other) on your grill pan and place under the grill
  4. Grill one side until lightly brown
  5. Then, turn over the two pieces of bread together, so that you can now repeat and lightly grill the other side too
  6. Remove the two pieces from the grill pan together, (still remaining as “one slice on top of the other”)
  7. Lay on a plate and butter (or margarine) the top slice only.
  8. Slice to create two halves
  9. Add a spot of brown sauce (or tomato sauce) on to the plate for dipping your two ‘double-toast’ halves into – Mmm!

The joy of this snack is that, even with nothing in between the two pieces of bread, it really will taste so good. The butter will slowly melt and will create a lovely texture in between the two slices which you can savour!  This is fantastic along with a nice cuppa or a hot chocolate so, go on, give it a try!

Reg’s Grilled Bacon and Sloppy Peas

Another simple but really tasty quick country snack idea!

1. Heat your grill to the medium setting

2. Place some rashers of bacon onto your grill pan and, making sure they don’t burn, grill to your own preference of crispiness!.

3. Whilst your bacon is grilling, open a tin of sloppy peas empty into a pan and heat on the hob (Actually, piping hot home-made sloppy peas are much better, along with boiled ‘bacon ribs’ from your local butcher. However, this meal will be for whenever you have more time available to prepare it!)

4. Once your bacon rashers are ready, remove from the grill pan and place onto a plate along with a dollop of either Brown sauce or tomato sauce – Mmm!  Then dish out your heated sloppy peas from your pan and place next to your bacon pieces. Then simply serve to those hungry ones amongst you!  This really is a great way to warm up when back indoors after facing the elements!

5. Optional: Some of you may also wish to butter some bread for everyone to have to dunk into their sloppy peas (why not?)  ……and don’t forget to serve with that all important cuppa for everyone to enjoy when sitting around that blazing log fire!

Well we do hope you enjoy the two ‘quick’ country snacks above – and please do feel free to drop us a line and let us know your thoughts!

Please remember when out and about it’s important to  wear the right gear to stay warm, safe and comfortable!  For advice on what footwear, outdoor clothing or accessories to choose, please do feel free to contact us at or telephone us on 01978 437029.

Enjoy the winter outdoors…and then enjoy warming up again afterwards!