Sherwood Forest Balmoral Country BootFor over 30 years, Sherwood Forest has designed, manufactured and supplied a quality range of country clothing and outdoor wear, suitable for just about any outdoor occasion!

Using the motto ‘from small acorns great forests grow’ this organisation has continued to grow from strength to strength over the years, expanding its range to include country footwear, wax clothing and equestrian-wear. With new and exciting quality products being introduced each and every year, this is an organisation that can be relied upon to fully utilise its expertise and working knowledge of the country clothing and footwear industry, to give consumers what they really want.

For example, in 2014, Sherwood Forest introduced its ladies Balmoral Country Boot, bringing elegance, style and practicality together. Crafted from top quality leather and suede, and using only quality breathable membranes, this country boot will keep your feet comfortable and dry all day long. The leather upper of this boot has been specially treated to prevent water from ‘seeping’ into it and the ‘cushioned’ breathable inner liner offers incredible warmth, without too much ‘bulkiness’. This truly is a product of great design, resulting in a great fit –and it’s instantly comfortable to wear!

So, the Balmoral Country Boot has all the country casual essentials needed in quality footwear, including:

  • a durable rubber sole that offers great grip and stability
  • an elasticated side gusset located at the top of the boot, to give extra movement in the calf area
  • ‘pull on’ loops on either side, to help with pulling the boot on (which can later be tucked away inside the boot)
  • A draw cord feature at the top, to help ensure a secure fit

All in all, this boot from Sherwood Forest is really easy to slide on and off and is an ideal waterproof walking boot, helping to ensure that country walks, hiking and other outdoor pursuits are an enjoyable – and indeed comfortable – experience! They are also great for walking the dog especially down muddy paths and across fields.

At Cherry Tree Country Clothing, we are proud to stock Sherwood Forest’s products as part of our extensive range and we love the simplicity of Sherwood’s Balmoral design, highlighted by its single leather strip down the side of the boot. However, if this design is not to your taste, you could check out Sherwood’s Durham boot instead. This is another boot of great quality but, perhaps, boasts just a little more leather detail.

We advise that to get the most out of your country boots and to maximise their life-span, do make sure that you maintain them very carefully. For example, always wipe off mud and dirt with a damp cloth and then allow them to dry naturally. We strongly suggest that you never leave the Balmoral boot by a fire or radiator to dry, as such a ‘quick drying’ process may damage the leather, possibly resulting in cracking or even splitting! You can reproof as necessary, using a Nubuck and Suede re-proofer, such as Nikwax Nubuck and Suede Proof.

So remember, spending just a little time of maintenance, after each time of wearing, will get you more time back from your boots!

Available from us now, in brown, (sizes 4 to 8, standard fit), the Balmoral is extremely lightweight, weighing only 0.72kg (based on one boot size 4)

If you’ve never tried a country boot, you could do a lot worse than try the Balmoral – we really believe that you won’t be disappointed.