Go on then, find special gifts for those special people in your life!

As most of us will know, it’s not always easy trying to find an ideal gift for those special people in our lives. In fact, let’s be honest, with a tough economy and tight budgets to consider, putting a smile on their face with that ‘perfect’ pressie can actually seem harder than ever before!

So, just where do we start?  Well, it may be an idea to make a list of the ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’ of the person you’re buying for and this may at least help to ‘weed out’ the special gifts that they won’t like, want or need. This process needn’t be lengthy and often listing categories, as below, can be useful and helpful:

  • something to wear
  • something that can be put on display or shown off
  • something unusual (maybe a gadget of some type)
  • something that will help with a hobby or interest they have
  • something practical, that can be put to good use

After all, getting your loved ones something they don’t really want isn’t going to please them, plus it’s simply a waste of your money too!  It’s fair to say then, that going through the process of buying special gifts for a birthday, a wedding, for Christmas or for any other type of celebration can be a very stressful experience, often placing additional pressure on already hectic routines or schedules. This begs the question of why we put ourselves through it all – the answer is, of course, because we care!

Special Gifts for Him and HerInterestingly, history books tell us that many, many years ago, gifts would be exchanged as a way of keeping evil spirits at bay, but maybe most of us would prefer to think of the practice of buying a present as a way of demonstrating how important someone is and sharing our good wishes with that person.

It’s also interesting that at Christmas time, those who celebrate the festival in different countries have different ways of leaving a gift (or indeed several gifts) for their loved ones. Presents may be left at the end of someone’s bed, under the Christmas tree, in a stocking hanging by the fireplace or, in some countries, left inside a shoe or a boot. For some however, it’s tradition to take gifts directly to family members or friends by visiting them at home on Christmas morning.  Regardless of the custom that is followed, the fact still remains that shopping for ideal special gifts can sometimes be problematic. Below are some ideas to consider:

Practical Gifts

  • Hats, caps, gloves or socks
  • Sweaters, shirts or slippers
  • Ear muffs, neck gaiters or handwarmers
  • Brogue shoes, belts, silk ties or patterned braces
  • Jackets, gilets or waistcoats
  • Base-layers, thermal T-shirts or fleece headbands
  • All in one suits (for kids), junior army hats or ‘clip-on ties’
  • Rucksacks, haversacks
  • Walking shoes, wellingtons

Gadget Gifts

  • Binoculars, monoculars, torches or headlamps
  • Trekking poles or shooting sticks
  • Hip flasks, sewing kits or lighters

Country-sports Gifts

  • Breek trousers, boot bags or ice grippers
  • Shooting jackets, gilets or vests
  • Tweed bags, tweed purses, tweed cartridge bags
  • Beautifully designed silk ties or wellington boot bags

Luxury Gifts

  • Luxury leather journals
  • Country coffee mugs, ‘Sporks’, dog whistles or dog chews
  • ‘Dog head’ walking canes
  • ‘Dog Friendly’ walking books

For a good look at examples of all of the above, and many other ideas too, please click here.

There’s also a category of quality gifts for ‘under £10.00’ which will make great stocking fillers!

Well, hopefully the above will have been of some help in taking away a bit of the stress when choosing those special gifts for your loved ones.

It’s still worth remembering though…it really is the thought that counts! – Happy Shopping!

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