Chara-T-Ford Sponsorship

Cherry Tree Country Clothing is proud to be associated with Chara-T-Ford!

Wales Air Ambulance

If you haven’t heard of “Chara-T-Ford”, it’s a ‘Non Profit Making’ venture, originally set up in 2011, for the purpose of raising vital funds for the Wales Air Ambulance Service.

Through its work raising funds for Wales Air Ambulance, Chara-T-Ford is also able to help and support small businesses, by giving them a unique opportunity to market and promote their products and/or service.

So, how does it all work? Well, by contacting Brian, who is extremely helpful and supportive by the way, businesses can have a sign or poster produced that will be fixed and displayed on a beautiful, lovingly restored, red Model T-Ford truck! (Pictured above)

Brian and his helpers take the truck to as many events, fairs and shows as possible each year and, once parked up, visitors will see the many different business advertisements on the truck, as they approach from all angles. Brian strategically affixes each business’s advert at different points on each side of the truck  – but of course the more prominent positions command a greater fee from the advertising businesses.

Business owners and managers can discuss their budget with Brian and can negotiate exactly where on the truck their sign will be affixed for a period of up to one year. Also, included in the fee, will be the opportunity to advertise on Chara-T-Ford’s facebook page, along with guaranteed distribution of the business’s fliers and leaflets at all of the shows and events that the truck visits.

This means that businesses receive a fantastic opportunity to get themselves noticed, whilst Chara-T-Ford receives fees which are then passed over to Wales Air Ambulance.  Donations collected from members of the public at the events are also passed over to Wales air Ambulance.  It truly is a wonderful idea!

Naturally, as you would expect, Brian and his team have to consider Chara-T- Ford’s own expenses, such as the fuel needed to get the truck to and from the events.

Chara-T-Ford realises that Wales Air Ambulance, itself a registered charity, relies solely on donations and money from its own fund-raising events to keep it going and, in fact, receives no funding at all from the government!  So,without the generosity of the public and the hard work of many, like Chara-T-Ford, it is unlikely that the Wales Air Ambulance service would be able to continue with the fantastic –  and vital –  emergency work that it carries out. This service really is to be applauded!

Some interesting facts about Wales Air Ambulance’s 3 helicopters currently in operation (sometimes referred to as “Helimeds”)

  • Each helicopter crew consists of 1 pilot and 2 paramedics and there is room for 1 patient
  • As well as reaching remote locations, the Air ambulance can reach anywhere within Wales, (including the 800 miles of Welsh coastline), within just 20 minutes!
  • Of the 3 helicopters, 1 is based in Caernarfon, 1 in Welshpool and 1 in Swansea
  • The service operates 365 days a year and sadly, on average, the service is called out 2000 times each year. (30% of call outs are to road traffic accidents)
  • Experts report that receiving treatment in the “Golden Hour’ (the first hour after call out) can greatly increase survival rates and the opportunity for earlier recovery
  • Wales Air Ambulance has 3 offices, 1 in Wrexham, 1 in Swansea and 1 in Caernarfon
  • Bryn Terfel OBE is Patron, whilst Rhys Meirion is an Ambassador, as is Simon Richardson

Something not to be forgotten is that the cost of running  Ambiwlans Awyr Cymru/Wales Air Ambulance is approximately £6 million a year! (Do consider that each “call out” will cost about £1500!). So, never before has fundraising for this truly excellent service been more important!

To send a donation or advertise your business with Chara-T-Ford, please contact Brian on 01678 540303. That’s what we did at Cherry Tree Country Clothing –  and we’re really very glad that we got involved!

Go on…why don’t you get involved?